5 Advantage Gmail Tips And Tricks You Must Know

3 Advantage Gmail Tips And Tricks You Must Know

Gmail is the best free email service provider. It has many features to manage Gmail Email. I had already listed most of the famous Gmail Tips and Tricks on the previous articles. Also I found some more Gmail Tips and Tricks and today I am going to tell you about them in this article.

1. Attachment Tips: Attached before composition of Gmail Email

Most of us used to attached our file after we compose our email at our Gmail Account. But, it will be better if we attached our Gmail File before composition because we can get much time to upload attachment on our Gmail Email.

You can easily delete an attached file by deselecting the check box in front of the file.

You can also attach more files on Gmail Email. You can easily do it by selecting the multiple files in your file browser or by holding shift or control key for contiguous or different files.

2. Forwarding all Gmail emails automatically

If you want to forward all emails to another account then you can do the following:

  • On the top right gear you can select Settings.
  • Click on Forwarding and POP/MAP.
  • Advantage Gmail Tips And Tricks
  • Now check on the ” Forward a copy of email to ” and then give the desired email address on the text box to whom you want to forward the mail.

Also you have different options for the email as to what to do with the email after you have forwarded it to the other person. The options are:

  • Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox.
  • Mark Gmail’s copy as read
  • Archive Gmail’s copy
  • Delete Gmail’s copy

After setting it, the email will be forwarded to the desired email address. It is one of the best advantages of Gmail tips and Tricks.

3.  How to attach an executable (.exe) file in Gmail

We know that you can easily attach the file to Gmail. I have mentioned it above. But, what will the Gmail say if we attached executable (.exe) file to Gmail. For the security reason Gmail doesn’t allow you to attach executable (.exe) file.

To overcome the above problem you must do the following advantage Gmail Tips and Tricks:

  • First, Rename the file without .exe extension.
  • Now, compress the file with any compressing utility in you computer machine.

Now, it will be easily attached to your Gmail compose mail. After receiving this Gmail Email, the receiver must download the file and again have to change the name with the .exe extension. I hope you like this advance Gmail Tips and Tricks.

4. Undo accidental send email in Gmail

We all use to compose mail on Gmail and use to send it to our friends, relatives and many more. But, sometimes we send the wrong email to our friends, relatives  and others. Due to the wrong email we have big ” OOPS ” and sometimes we may get anger from our near friends and relative.

Don’t worry about the above problem because Gmail provides us with the features to undo accidental send email in Gmail. Due to this advantage Gmail Tips & Tricks you can easily overcome the problem. You can click on here to learn about this undo accidental send email in Gmail trick.

5. Change Gmail Look and Feel Using Themes

You can decorate your Gmail Account by selecting the available Gmail themes as explained below:

  • Click on the Settings link.
  • Click on the Themes tab.
  • Now, you can see the available themes. Click on the available themes or you can create your custom theme.
  • To customize your theme you must select the country and city. Some themes change during day, and based on local sunrise, sunset or based on weather.
  • Advantage Gmail Tips And Tricks

By the above advantage Gmail Tips and Tricks you can easily set the themes on Gmail or you can select the desired Gmail themes.

I hope this advantage Gmail Tips and Tricks will work for you. If you think this article is helpful for you then please don’t forget to share it and do comment in our comment box.

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