Android App Alarmy for Sleepyheads

Android App Alarmy for Sleepyheads

Android app Alarmy (Sleep if U Can) for smartphone users is a useful app for students. It is said to be one of the world’s most annoying alarm app by many.

Once the alarm goes off, it forces you to get up and go to the specified place to take a photograph in order to stop the alarm. As soon as it stops, you are presented with weather report and news.

This android app challenges you to sleep if you can.

This is an 8.58 MB student android app available free from Google’s Play Store. When you have installed it from there and now tap the Open button for the first time or tap its icon later, the first page that opens is for adding time for alarm.

android app - 1

The hand sign in animation shows you how to delete preset times for the first time and later to delete the times you have set by swiping your finger in the direction shown.
If you tap the Add alarm button to set your alarm time, the following screen will come up.

android app

The first item to tap is here Time and it opens the page shown below.

android app

Set the hour, then minute and lastly AM or PM. Then tap Set.
Your alarm time is set and your back in the Set alarm page.
Now tap Repeat in the Set alarm page to set on which days of the week you want to be alarmed. Your tapping Repeat takes you to the following page.

android app - 4

Tap the squares against the days and tap OK. You will have alarms on the tapped days. Tapping OK will take you back to the Set alarm page again.
Next you can set your ring tones for the alarm by tapping Ringtone .

There are 3 options to opt from. Check Ringtone and choose from ringtones stored in your phone. Checking Music, you can choose a music file from your phone and you can check Silent as well for no alarm.

The next item Vibrate in the Set alarm page can be either left checked or blank as you choose.

The most important item in the Set alarm page is, of course, Alarm off method. By tapping it, you get to the following.

android app - 5

If you choose Take a picture and check the circle, the following page will appear.

android app

It is the first time, so the page will ask you to take a picture by pointing at the camera icon at the top right corner. Tap the camera icon to activate the phone camera and take a photograph of something which is stationary and will be available again. Tap the Save button to save the picture and tap OK.

You have, by now, registered a photograph.

When the alarm goes off next, you must get up and take the picture of the registered photograph to stop the alarm. As long as the right picture is not taken, the alarm will continue.

Instead of a photograph, you can also choose Shaking. Check the circle for it and get to the following page.

android app - 7

By swiping up and down, select the number for camera shakes and tap OK to come back to the previous page. Tap OK again.

If you choose Shaking instead of picture as Alarm off method, you have to shake the camera the specified number of times to stop the alarm sound.

At last, give this setting a name by tapping Label and typing a name in it. Tap OK.

Back in the home page or opening page of the Alarm app, there are three bars in the top left corner. Tap them and see the history .

By tapping the delete icon in the orange box next to the three bars, you will be able to choose to delete the history.
To go back to the home page, tap the bars again.
At the top right corner, there is a setting button tapping which we get the page shown below.

android app - 8

We can now set things like Alarm volume, Snooze duration, Auto-silence, Theme, Temp unit, Notification icon, Preventing phone switch off, Accuracy of the picture, Shake sensitivity.

Ironically, Alarmy has become a most popular student android app because of being the most annoying.

Its usefulness stems from its being annoying.

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