Backspace Option In iPhone Calculator

The Backspace option in iPhone calculator is sneaky! Find out how to use it

Today a mobile phone has replaced everything that we used starting from a small notepad which

was once essential to every carry bag, a flashlight, a watch and most importantly a calculator.

The calculator is something that we require all the time and with a touchscreen mobile, the

convenience is the most.

But with the smooth touch and ease of typing comes the inevitable mistakes that we all make. But

what can be done if in case you are making use of an iPhone? Yes! Using an iPhone’s calculator can

be a little tricky. This is because the calculator lacks the backspace key and hence thing sometimes

tends to get messy.

Imagine you are making some important work calculation on the iPhone but with a slip of finger you

type something wrong. Scary isn’t it? Well, fret not! We have the solution to your problem. Did you

know that there is a secret way of correcting any typing mistakes that you made while using the

iPhone’s calculator? The calculator app in iPhone does have a backspace option but it is a little bit


So how to use this hidden feature?

On the area where the numbers you have typed appear, swipe there in either direction. Do not

swipe on the keypad area as it will just mess up the mistake even more. So, the numbers on the top

that is in black have to be swiped.

So, once you start doing this, you will notice that one swipe removes the last digit you had entered.

Another swipe would remove the digit entered before it and so on.

So how many of you knew this? Well, if you didn’t, we are sure this made your day!

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