Best Facebook Tips You Must Know

Best Facebook Tips You Must Know – 2014 Tricks

Facebook is the most popular social media photo sharing application which is growing day by bay and over millions of people are using it. Facebook allows us to share our recent activities like our events, photo, images, videos with our friends, relatives, families and many more. I had already share many Facebook Tips  & Tricks with you. Now, again I want to share more cool Facebook Tips with you.

1. Download Facebook Photo Albums

Facebook provides us the facility to share our photos with friends, relatives and many more. You can easily create Photo Album on Facebook. Sometimes we like to download the photo from Facebook then, it’s very easy to download a single photo from Facebook.

Best Facebook Tips You Must Know

But, If your friends have uploaded about hundreds of photos on Facebook then, you can’t imagine to download all photos at a once. You can easily download a single image from Facebook but feels hard to download an Album.  But, there is  a Google chrome extension which helps to download the Photo Album from Facebook. Just Install Bulk Download Image (Zip) extension on your chrome browser and you will be able to download photo album in a single click.

2.  Facebook Photo Zoom without opening them

Sometime, if we have a group photo then we want to zoom our photo to see all the people on there. Actually we all love zoom Photography. We can easily view our Facebook Photo on a zoom format. Firstly install Photo zoom extension for Facebook and enjoy your photo on zoom  without opening it.

3. Cool text generator for Facebook

Do you feel amazing when you have cool text on your Facebook Status. Every one love the stylish text at anywhere. There are many websites that provide us with the stylish text generator. Among them I love In my personal view this website is so good for cool & stylish text.

4. Send large files free up to 1 GB on Facebook

There are many Facebook application on Facebook. Many of them are very useful and famous among us. Pipe application is the best application to sending big files free on Facebook. You can store files for a few days so that your friends can easily download it.

5. Download Facebook videos

Many people search for Facebook video downloader online but they gets fails for the best application for downloading Facebook videos. I had found one Facebook tricks to download Facebook video. Please install FVD downloader extension to Google chrome and you can easily download any videos from Facebook.

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