Which Is The Best Keyboard For Android?

SwiftKey keyboard is a third-party android keyboard for mobile devices like phones and tablets. It is an award-winning keyboard app and it is one of the most useful educational apps.

You can type much faster with this keyboard because of its capacity for fast and accurate prediction. It can learn to predict the best next word from the words you use for typing. It has also smart auto-correction ability.

You can use over 800 emoticons; and SwiftKey can predict even emoticons according to the types of words you type.

Fast typing makes this keyboard the best of its type for fast SMS, chat, texting and email. It can also work default across all your apps. You can choose from over 60 languages and type in using 3 languages at a time. You can choose your keyboard layout according to your screen size and device, and there are over 30 colorful themes to choose from too.

Using cloud service, you can have your writing style and settings on all your devices. It can learn from your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and others.

SwiftKey Flow allows you to just swipe your finger across the screen to type fast.

Version has a size of 32.57 MB. This is a premium app available for free download from Google Playstore.

All educational apps like SwiftKey keyboard should be free and developers of educational apps should be given grant funds by foundations.


After the app has been installed on your device, you can open your device setting and tap Language and input.  You will find SwiftKey Keyboard there. Tap Default and then, choose SwiftKey Keyboard.

Back in the Language and input page, tap SwiftKey Keyboard and you will see the tick mark in the square box to its left. Now, tap the setting icon to the right. The following Setting page will appear.

Tap Themes and you will find several themes on the Themes page.

Scroll down to see all the themes and choose one by tapping on it. I have chosen the theme Dusk here.

Back in the Setting page of the app, tap SwiftKey Cloud to set the following things.

This will allow you to have the benefit of next-word prediction on all your registered devices.

Next, tap Languages and select 3 languages for your use from the following page.

Back in the Setting page, tap Customize; and then, choose by tapping the square boxes on the following page.

Again in the Setting page, tap Sound & Vibration to go to the following page to customize keypress sound and vibration.

Now, tap Input Methods and tap to check boxes for Flow and Voice on the following page.

With this, you can slide your finger on the keyboard or dictate to write.

Lastly, tap Advanced in the Setting page to make various changes for text corrections and other things mentioned in the following page.

In the Setting page, you can see three more items and they are all for information such as Usage Stats, Support and About SwiftKey. See below.


When you tap some notepad to open, you will see the keyboard as in the following screenshot.

Tap the 3 horizontal bars at the top left corner of the keyboard next to ‘Hello’ and go to the following menu page with the Setting icon active.

Tapping the first item LAYOUT, see the 3 different layouts as in the following.

Tap  FULL, THUMB and COMPACT one after another and see the layouts as in the screenshots below respectively.

In the Compact layout, the keyboard can be placed either in the right or the left side.

The second item under the Setting icon in the menu page is RESIZE. Tap RESIZE to choose different sizes of the keyboards as shown in the screenshot.

The 3rd item next to RESIZE under the setting icon is UNLOCK. If you tap it, the keyboard will move upward as in the screenshot below.

You can drag the keyboard to any place by the knob at the bottom middle part of the keyboard.

If you tap the middle icon of themes in the title bar, the SwiftKey Store with themes will show up as in the following screenshot.

You can choose the theme from here as well.

Back in the keyboard, you can move your finger left to right and vice versa over the space bar to change the language. See the screenshots below.

To use emoticons, press Enter key for a while and the following screen will appear.

Tap anyone to use.

If you decide not to type but to dictate to write, tap the microphone icon to come to the following page.

Tap the Setting icon to the left of the green microphone icon to set voice items on the following page.

Tap Languages and tap to choose your language from the following list.

If the voice is not pre-installed for your language, you have to download it.

There are some other things like  ”Ok Google” detection, Hands-free, Speech output, Offline  speech recognition, Block offensive words, Bluetooth headset etc to consider.

With all these settings, you will be able to use the SwiftKey keyboard and will learn more as you go on using.

For more information contact the developers.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information in this post is 100% correct.

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