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Are you getting the problem with the large file transfer from your PC to the device or in search of free file sharing application? Don’t worry today I am going to talk about the best large file transfer application in this article. There is much application for this large and fast file transfer application. But, WiFi file transfer is the best application which is free file sharing application in the play store.

Given below is the best large file transfer application.

WiFi File Transfer is an android app that helps transfer files wireless from your mobile devices to your PC and vice versa. With this app, you can upload and download multiple files. You can upload folders too, using Google Chrome browser.

For complete features, see the following screenshot.

Large File Transfer_1

Your mobile devices and PC must be connected to the same WiFi service. If you are using a public WiFi network, you have to set an access password in the app settings.

WiFi File Transfer version 1.0.9 is only 725 KB in size and you can download this free version from Google Play store. The free app does everything except that it can transfer files which are only 5 MB or less.

How to Set the WiFi File Transfer App for large file transfer?

When you have downloaded and got the app installed, tap the app icon to open and see the following homepage.

Tap the setting icon in the bottom left corner to set your preferences in the following page.

Also, tap the Advanced Setting button at the bottom of the screen to manage Network Settings and others in the following web page.

Back in the homepage, tap the question mark at the bottom center of the page and get to the following help topics page,

Large File Transfer_2

You can several help topics. Tap them one by one to learn about connection problems, usage of WiFi File Transfer App, FAQs, online support and privacy policy,

Tap the back button of your phone and go to the homepage. Do not tap the icon at the bottom right corner because it will take to Google Play store to download the paid version.

Try this free version first and then go for the paid version to help the developer.

How to Connect the Device with your Laptop with WiFi file transfer application?

As you tap the START button, you will see the following page.

Large File Transfer_3

Open your laptop and start Chrome browser, preferably. Type the number displayed (in the above screenshot of your mobile device) in the browser and hit  Enter to search.

(Both of your devices must be connected to the same WiFi service.)

You will soon see the following screenshot on your laptop, showing your device model.Large File Transfer_4

The connection is established.

How to Transfer large Files from the Laptop to the Device?

To transfer files from the laptop to your mobile device, click on the Select Files in the Transfer Files to Device window in the right corner of the above screenshot.

A page will appear as in the following screenshot.

Large File Transfer_5

Now you can search and select


(s) or folders as you always do. Just click Open and click Start upload in the bottom right window.

The file(s) and/or folders will be transferred to your device.

Easy way to large file transfer from the Device to the Laptop.

In the large left window, you can see the files of the device displayed. Choose the file(s) and/or folders you want to transfer by clicking.

Find the Download icon just above the list of file names. It has been shown in the following screenshot with an arrow mark in red.

Large File Transfer_6

Click Download icon. You will find the downloaded files in the Download folder of your laptop. The problem of USB cable is solved.

Going back to the mobile device, tap Ok to see the following page.

Large File Transfer_7

Tap STOP and go to the homepage. To end the process, press the back button of your device.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information in this post is 100% correct.

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WiFi file transfer is the best free file sharing application. It is also the best large file transfer application which you can easily download at play store. You can also try other alternatives for this but in my personal view, it is the most reliable application for large file transfer.

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