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The world is very vast and we use different language for communication. so, we get problem while talking with the different people of the different country. so, we always are in search of best sentence translator application or we want to download multi-sentence translator.

Know more about best sentence translator application.

Google Translate is an android app for translating a language into another language. It is an offer from Google Inc. to use in smartphones, tablets and such mobile devices. This is the best application for the sentence translator.

You can translate from one language into another in several ways by using this app. You can type words and translate into 90 languages. You can take pictures of some text with your phone camera and translate it into 26 languages. You can draw with your finger instead of being typing with a keyboard and translate.

There are 40 languages in the app for two-way translation.

You can mark translations started and save them for future use.

You can download language packs you need for offline translation.

Google Translate version 4.3.0.RC04.102001856 is a free android app available from Google Play store. Its size is 18.41 MB. It offers the following 90 languages for translation.

Sentence Translator Application1

How to setup Google translate application which is the best sentence translator application?

When you tap the icon of Google Translate for the first time, the following homepage appears. It offers the user a tour.

The first tour is about translating printed text and the second is for automatic detection of spoken languages.

At the top of the homepage, you can see a blue ribbon with two language names separated by arrows. And a menu icon of dots in the top right corner.

Tap the first language ‘Spanish’ and you will see the drop down list. Tap a language to choose.

You have to set the second language too in the same manner. The arrows between the 2 languages are used for toggling. Tap and try.

Only English comes with language package pre-installed. So if you chose Hindi like me, you will have to either choose to translate online or else tap to download and install Hindi. Now, you have best sentence translator application and you can easily get hindi english translation.

Tap the 3 dots at the top right corner or alternatively, tap the phone’s menu button. The menu will appear as in the screenshot below.

Sentence Translator Application_2

If you tap Phrasebook, you will find it empty. As you translate and tap the star sign, your phrasebook will be formed.

If you tap SMS translation, you will be able to translate SMS messages into another language and tapping the Clear history button, you can clean translation.

Tap Settings and you will get to the Settings page shown below.

Sentence Translator Application_3

Tap Speech input and go to the following page.

There are 3 items already tick marked, You can leave them or remove their tick marks as you like. You will also see some dialects in this page. Tapping anyone, you will see several dialects of the language to choose one from for speech input. For example, there are more than a dozen for Arabic while there are only 3 dialects fro Chinese (Simplified). English has 10.

Now, you should Tapping Data usage in the Settings page,

If you tick marked the Sync phrasebook, your translations will be synced automatically. The second item already ticks marked for you to use online speech engine. The third item is for downloading offline packages of languages. The last item with a tick mark says that you agree that Google can keep your pictures used for translations. You may not agree with removing the tick mark.

Tap the 3rd item Offline languages in the Settings page to see a list of downloadable languages for offline use.

Sentence Translator Application_4

You can choose to download from here whenever you need.

The last item Instant camera languages in the Setting page takes you to download languages available for translating pictures. There is a list of languages for the purpose here.

The setting is over and now we are ready to use Google Translate.

I think now you are getting success to set up this sentence translator application in an easy way.

How can you sentence translate using this free multi-sentence translator? 

In the homepage, your eyes can’t miss Touch to typewritten just below the blue ribbon.

As soon as you touch the text, the keyboard appears. This is how you type and translate. Tap the back button of your phone. Here, you can tap sound icons to listen to the pronunciation to help you communicate with others.

You can also use the camera icon to take pictures of written texts and to get the text translated. Tap the camera icon to open the camera. In the middle, it is written Align text within brackets. See the picture below.

Sentence Translator Application_5

Tap the orange button and the word, ‘MAN’ in this case, will be translated.

Next to the camera icon is the microphone icon. Tap it.

Say ‘Hello’  and you will see the result.

The last icon on the homepage is the drawing icon.

Use either your finger or a stylus to draw what you see written on some sign etc.

Now, you know how to translate something from one language to another in four different ways suing Google Translate. No translation book is going to do this for you.


Using this famous sentence translator, you can now easily travel the different country with this free multi-sentence translator. I had used this best sentence translator application and I get much help from this sentence translator application.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information in this post is 100% correct.

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