Better Photos with Instagram App

How to Take Better Photos with Instagram App

When it comes to taking better photos using Instagram, it’s going to be a tricky business. Instagram uses your phone camera which is obviously no match for a high end DSLR that is capable of producing professional level pictures . Still, with appropriate tips and tricks, it’s not impossible to capture nice shots with Instagram in your device.

In this article, I will give you tips to take better photos that you can share in a hurry without even editing.

How to Get Started?

First of all, open Instagram by tapping on the icon. In the center of the bottom in the homepage, you have the camera icon. Tap it and you will see the following page.


You can see that Gallery has been highlighted.

In order to take a photo, tap PHOTO and you will have camera activated as in the following screenshot.

better photos capturing

In this simple layout, you can toggle flash on/off and also toggle front/rear camera. You can also pinch the screen to zoom in/out the scene. By tapping of the round capture button, you can take a picture with little hassle.

Tips to Take Better Photos with this Camera

Since there is not much to compete with a DSLR, you have to depend solely on your skill and knowledge of photography. For Instagram photography it is necessary. Let’s see what you can do to capture better photos in general.

  1. Light is the most important thing to consider in photography. Since there is not much you can do about controlling the amount of light getting in through the lens, it will be wise to take pictures when there is soft light in the mornings and later in the day. Avoid harsh light for better photos.
  2. While taking portraits, fill the frame; otherwise, use the golden ratio. Use grids for facilitating it.
  3. Sometimes, take photos of the same thing from multiple angles and try which looks best to share.
  4. To show movement, leave empty space towards the direction of movement.


If you know any other tricks of photography, share with us so that we can add them in future.


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