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Bibliography Creation with EasyBib

Bibliography creation is a painful job while writing a research paper, a thesis or an investigative book. That is when EasyBib comes in and provides badly needed relief service.

Student Android App EasyBib version 5.0.8 is a useful educational application for users of android smartphones, tablets and phablets.

What can you do with Easy.Bib?
You can scan barcodes of books, search books, journals, newspapers and websites to create bibliography easily for your research works in seconds.
It allows you choose from Chicago, MLA and APA formats for bibliography.
You can export to email to send your citations to your inbox.

Where can you get it from?
EasyBib is a free app available from Google PlayStore. When installed, it took about 3.93 MB space in my device with 220 KB data included.

How to Collect Citations using EasyBib?
When you open the app, the following screen greets you and it will be followed by the second screen.


First of all, you have to choose the format you want. Here, MLA has been chosen, that is why it is red; whereas APA and Chicago are blue.
Below the MLA  APA  Chicago buttons, there is a button called Book. And below it, there is a text box to type the name of the book.

I typed Myths to Live by in the text box as shown in the picture above and tapped the orange Cite it button to get the following screen.


As you can see, there are several versions of the book in this case. Choose the one you want to cite from and tap the Cite it button next to it.

This is your first citation which you can see below the orange Cite it button.

For citations from other sources, tap the button Book which is just under the MLA APA Chicago buttons. The following drop down menu with 4 buttons Book, Journal, Newspaper, Website appears.

Tap and tick mark anyone and then repeat the above process to get the citation.
If your book has a bar-code, you can scan it instead of typing the title of the book for citation.
Tap the Scan button at the top and your device camera will be switched on.


Put the square sign above the bar-code of the book you want to scan for citation and it will be scanned and a citation will be produced.
When complete, tap the blue Email button next to Your Citations and go to the following dialogue box.


Use any of the above icons and get your citations printed through them.
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information in this page is 100% correct.

Click the link for more educational apps.

If you have seen any other app for creating bibliography, please let me know .

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