Capturing Photos and Videos with Instagram App

Capturing Photos and Videos with Instagram

Capturing photos and videos is central to Instagram, followed by its other important features namely editing and sharing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

We are writing this article for the naive newbies who we think will find it handy while they are trying to get started with Instagram.

If you think it is too simple a thing worth consulting, please wait for our future articles which will try to cover tricky features of Instagram.

That said, let’s jump together to learn what it takes to capture simple photos and videos with Instagram.

Capturing Photos with Instagram

Tap the app icon to get to the homepage. The screenshot of the homepage is given below.


In the middle of the row of icons at the bottom of the homepage, there is a camera icon. Tap it to go to the following page titled Gallery. You will see GALLERY, PHOTO and VIDEO in a row written at the bottom of the page.

capture page

To take a photograph, tap PHOTO and go to the page as shown in the following screenshot.

photo capturing

There is an icon in the right corner to toggle the use of flash and to its left there is another icon to toggle to use front and rear camera.

You can adjust focus by simply touching on the screen where you want to focus.

Lastly, tap the capture button just above the PHOTO button and the photo is taken. You can choose either to edit immediately and share or save it to the gallery for later editing and sharing.

To learn editing , click the link.

Capturing Videos with Instagram

If you are interested in capturing a video of an event, tap the VIDEO button at the bottom right corner and the same page as in the previous action of capturing photos will appear with a slight difference.

The flash also works in the same way for video and so does the toggle for front or rear camera use. So does focusing.

One difference that you will see is that the VIDEO button is highlighted instead of the PHOTO button.

And to record a video is different from taking a photo, too. You have to hold the capturing button pressed as long as you want to capture. Your video has been captured.

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