How To Change Gmail Password ?

How To Change Gmail Password ?

The best way to make your Gmail Account secure is to have a hard and secure password. Actually you must change your password again and again to make it good enough and safe. But we can easily say that no password is secure. There are many more hacker in the cyber space who may try to hack your password. So, you must change gmail password with in month.

No password is Fully Secure .

As we know that the password must be so long and hard to make it secure but, it is very hard to remember the long password. Also, to increase security on Gmail Account, you must verify it by your phone verification. Also, you must block the unwanted email subscription on your Gmail Account. You can follow here to Block email on Gmail Account.

Changing Gmail Password 

For the security to our Gmail Account we must change our password if we feel insecure. To change the Gmail Password it is very easy to do. Today I am here to tell you about how to change the Gmail Password. Please follow the instruction below to have your new password.

  1. First of all, login on the Gmail Account. To login click here.
  2. Now at the top left side click on the gear in your  Gmail’s Navigation Bar.
  3. Then Select setting  from the Menu.
  4. Change Gmail Password
  5. Then you can have the new page , which is shown below.
  6. Change Gmail Password
  7. Now from the new page Click on Account and Import.
  8. Then at the top you will see the different option on Change Account Setting: 
  9. Now click on the Change password, after that enter the current password.
  10. Then enter your New password twice under the New Password: and finally confirm your new password.
  11. One thing you must remember that try to enter the password that is both secure and easy to remember.
  12. If you want to change it again, you can follow the above instruction again & again according to your need.
  13. At last click on Save.
  14. Finally you did it.

I think from today you don’t have any problem on changing password of Gmail Account. Do keep sharing and Comment at our Article.

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