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This world is an IT world. so, most of we have internet in our home. We want our internet to work fast and run fast. But, sometime the internet gets very slow for many reasons. Our internet may get hacked by someone. In that condition we want to change internet password. If we have internet connection at our home, we must know how to change WiFi password of our router.

My friends always asks me to change their WiFi password. I used to go at their home for solution to change WiFi password. So, today I am writing the article on How to change WiFi password?  We must have WiFi router or wireless router at our home for the WiFi internet connection at our home. Here is the article to change WiFi password of ADSL router.

How to Change WiFi Password ?

It is very easy to change WiFi password of our ADSL router. We all mostly use the best wireless router or best wifi router at our home. TP – LINK router is also one of the best router for the ADSL internet connection. You can easily setup TP LINK router at your home. Now, lets talk about the step to change WiFi password of best wireless router.

Step To Change WiFi Password

  1. First you must open your browser, like Mozilla Firefox,  Google Chrome etc
  2. Then please enter the IP address of the WiFi router. that is
  3. After that you must enter username and password of wireless router. You can find username and password of the router at the back side of the best WiFi router. Mostly username = admin, password = admin, or you may have username = guest, password = guest.
  4. Change WiFi Password
  5. Now, you have enter at your WiFi router. Now, click on Quick Start. then, a new browser will open.
  6. Click on Run wizard.
  7. Click on NEXT.
  8. Again click on Next and choose PPPoE/PPPoA and click Next.
  9. Now you have to enter the information. Enter username = your landline number ( eg adsl61420982) , password = same ( eg adsl61420982),  VPI = 8, VCI = 81,  connection = PPPoELLC,  Remember please don’t enter ZERO ( 0 ) while entering the username as your landline number. Click on Next.
  10. Now you can set up your WiFi name and password. Here is the place where you can change WiFi password of your best WiFi router.  SSID  is the name of your WiFi, and Pre-Shared Key is the WiFi password. At Pre-Shared Key you can change your WiFi password. Then click on Next.
  11. Now, your WiFi password is changed.

I hope till now you have change your WiFi password easily. If you have any comments then you can share with us at our comment box. Also , you can easily set up your ADSL router at your home easily.

I have posted the video about How to change WiFi password. You can check my video to change WiFi password. And please don’t Forget to Share and subscribe my channel .

Video to change WiFi password :

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