Check Who Unfriend You On Facebook Tricks

Check Who Unfriend You On Facebook

If you recently loose your friends on the Facebook friends list and you want know How to see those friends who unfriend you on Facebook then, you can check out our best tricks on this topic. Hello fans, there are many such Facebook application that get to see the unlimited secrets information on Facebook. Now I want to say about the special Facebook application that find the secret of our friend who unfriend us. When you have many friends on a Facebook profile and certainly the friends list get decreasing day by day, don’t be shocked. The only thing is that they unfriend you.

Now, Don’t worry about it, you can easily find the list of such friends by using this simple Facebook application. Firstly, you must read about this application and apply the simple instruction to find it.

How to know who Unfriended us on Facebook ?

How to know who Unfriended us on Facebook ?

We can have many applications on the Facebook store to solve this problem. But, today I want to say about the best and safe Facebook application. So, try it and keep enjoying with this application. We are giving you a simple tutorial for this, and we will add the video tutorial for this as soon as we have it.

How to do it ?

  1. Firstly, you must search a Unfriend alerts application and you must open this Unfriend alert apps.
  2. Now, you must allow to access your Facebook data or your Public Facebook Account.
  4. Then, wait for a some period of time. It takes more time according to your internet connection.
  5. After this you can easily see the Friend list who unfriend you.


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