How to Delete Facebook Account? | Remove Facebook Account

How to Delete Facebook Account?

Facebook is a best tool to share your feeling, views, status, photo,videos and many more. We share our nice moment in Facebook and out worth time too. During the use of Facebook, Facebook also may take your worth thing. You may want to delete your Facebook permanently. Most of time we create article about “how to Facebook?” Simply how to do something in Facebook. Today the article topic is “How to Delete Facebook Account?”

Remember Deleting Facebook account has no option for recovery. If you really want to delete Facebook permanently. Here we go.

1. You need to download copy of your Facebook data.
For that Visit this link

Click in Download a copy of your Facebook data. Follow the required process and download your Facebook data.

2. If you want to come back in Facebook you can Deactivate your Facebook. To deactivate Facebook account follow the following process:-
Visit This link

Click in Deactivate your account and follow the required process to deactivate your account.

To Delete Permanently:-


Remember Permanently deleting Facebook doesn’t occur immediately it take a period of 14 days. So if you want do hide something you need to delete them manually. Also, Remember it can’t be recovered.

If you really want to delete your Facebook account follow the following Process:-

Visit this Link 

>>>Click in Delete My Account

You need to enter your account password and provide the letters in the random CAPTCHA image and remember you need not to care about the Upper case and lower case latter.

>>>Click in OK.

Now you complete your account delete process, To remove your Facebook account completely from Facebook you need to wait for 14 days. During this period your Facebook account is as deactivated account. During these 14 days if you login Into Facebook you have a option to restore it.  After 14 days your account is completely deleted.

Remember Almost everything is removed from Facebook but those message you send to other still remain in Facebook but as Facebook User.

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