Dictionary.com For Students

Dictionary.com for Students

Dictionary.com is an essential app for students to help them study better.  It is one of the highest rated dictionary apps available at this time for our student readers of this site.

This is such an educational app which is available for use both online and offline. It has many useful in-app purchases such as Encyclopedia, Slang Dictionary, Idioms and Phrases, Example Sentences, Medical Dictionary, Science Dictionary and Rhyming Dictionary.

Dictionary.com version 5.2.1 with only 6.82 MB size is a free app at Google Play store. The Premium version comes with all the above in-app purchase items paid for and also ads-free.

With the free version you can have items like Word of the Day, Audio Pronunciation, Voice Search, Translator for over 30 languages, Blog, Slideshows, Quiz widget, Word origin, Favorite words and search history, Spelling suggestions, Local lookups, Advanced learner’s dictionary for ESL, EFL etc.

How to Use Dictionary.com?

When you tap the app icon to open, the following homepage will appear.


There is a search box at the top center. Below it is displayed the word of the day; and below it, there are slideshow items.

Tap the search icon to type a word to search as in the following screenshot.


When type Hello in the search box and tap search icon on the keyboard, you will see the following.


You can see the definitions here. But you can also find its synonyms, origin, grammar etc from this very page. Just tap the appropriate buttons at the top and learn.

Tap the button  Upgrades and see what is in store for you.


By tapping anyone of the buttons, you will be able to buy and use the items for your study.

In the homepage, tap the menu at the top left corner to get the following page.


Tapping Favorites and Recents buttons you can see your list of favorite words and recently looked up words respectively.

Tap the button Trends to see the following page.


Tapping the button Local, you can see local trends for the place you live at.

The Translator button will take you to the page shown below.


First choose the languages, then type the word and tap the button Translate. The translated word will appear in the bottom box.

There are over 30 languages to choose from and it is a great resource for learning a foreign language.

Tap the button Blog and see a large number of interesting blogs about vocabulary and language. Tap an item and read to learn whatever interests you.

 dictionary.com_8  dictionary.com_9

The button Slideshows takes you to a page for items of slideshows. You can learn about funny abbreviations, terms etc there.


Tap the button Setting and you can see that the first item in setting page is to enable offline dictionary. Tap it On and start downloading,


It takes a while to download and you are ready to use this app offline.

For more information, visit the website of Dictionary.com.

Please suggest us if you know about any other educational apps that similar this or better so that we can post them in this site for students.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information in this post is 100% correct.

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