Stop Useless Facebook Email Notifications In Email Inbox

Stop Useless Facebook Email Notifications In Email Inbox

Facebook is used by most people in this world. It is best among we all as we can share our ideas, views as status and photos, videos and many other. Facebook send us a notes about activity of our friends in Facebook. It is termed as Notification in Facebook. It is nice that we get updated about Facebook even when we don’t have time to open Facebook, But it is also be Irritating. In most country users can get such notifications in their mobile phone too. But it is too irritating to get emails and emails from Facebook. Today we will get solution from such irritating problem.

Now let’s go.

First Click in this link

Facebook Email Notifications

You get above image.
How You Get Notification.

  1. On Facebook:- Those notification which are shown in Facebook. You’ll see every notification on Facebook. You can edit what short of notification you want to get from What you get Notified About Section.
  2. Email:- This is the section we searching for. You will get notification as your choice. So to make a choice click Edit next to Email.Facebook Email Notifications
    1. All notifications, Except the ones you unsubscribe from: All notification you used to get in Facebook. This is irritating as we get useless notifications.
    2. Only notifications about your account, security and privacy:- This is option we searching for. You will get account related notification on your email like password change, Name change, Phone number change and other account related notifications also account recovery select this option to get account related notifications only. not all activity notification.
  3. Push notification:- It is the notification you get in some mobile phone where Facebook auto runs. As in android mobile. You can edit what short of notification you want from  Tap this and  Go to Account Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push.

What You Get Notified About

You can subscribe what short of notifications you want and you can unsubscribe what you don’t like.

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