4 Facebook Setting To Change It Now

4 Facebook Setting To Change It Now

Facebook is one of the popular social media application for both desktop and mobile. As we know that Facebook is updating their features over the past years. Many of the features are so interesting but some features makes us annoying and hurt our privacy. Such features are optional but the Facebook set it On as default. We can easily change the Facebook Setting.

Here are some of the Facebook Setting you can easily change. Do you want to change the setting ?

1. Auto playing Video

We can found many more videos at Facebook wall. Some of the video are so interesting and helpful for us. But we feel lazy to click on Video to play. But, don’t worry we can auto play the video on Facebook. Also, if you need to download the video on Facebook you can learn here How to Download Facebook Videos?  Now, lets learn the best 2015 Facebook tips to auto play our Facebook video.

  • Click on the arrow at the far right at the web page.
  • Facebook Setting
  • Click on Settings button.
  • Now, you can see the many option at the left side. At the last there is a Videos option. Click on it.
  • Facebook Setting
  • From the drop down menu at the “Auto-Play Videos” and set it to Off.

2. Unwanted Notification On Facebook

We feel so annoying when we get  many notifications at our Facebook Profile. Facebook has added more features to notify you about. Also, we get bad by more notifications sound on Facebook. You can easily get rid of  the Facebook notification sound by this best 2015 Facebook Tips & Tricks. If you need to set up your Facebook notification then, read on.

  • Now, get in to the Settings menu form the top right side.
  • From then, at the left side you can see the different menu settings. Click on notifications.

Now, you can easily set the notification according to your need. It is your choice to get notify by setting this Facebook Setting. The best part of Facebook is to set your Tags option to Off so that only selected can tags you. Also, you must set the birthday option to On if you want to notify about your Friends birthday.

3. Facebook Privacy Setting

You used to post may photos, status, videos and many more recent activities at Facebook Profile. These all may reach to the millions of Facebook users. To get rid of this you may change your Facebook Privacy Setting. There are many option at Privacy setting like Who can see my stuff? , Who can contact me ? and Who can look me Up? 

Facebook SettingTo set up all this Privacy Setting you must first click on Setting. Now, you can see the Privacy at the left. After clicking on Privacy you can easily see the different settings on the right side.

You can now change your Privacy settings according to your choice and desired. Now, sit back , enjoy and surf the Facebook.

4.Clear Searches On Facebook

Facebook SettingWe don’t use Facebook only for our regular updates of our recent activities. Also, we can learn many useful things from Facebook. There are may useful Facebook Pages, Facebook groups, etc. We used to search many things on the Facebook. Many Facebook users don’t know that the Facebook used to save our searches and anyone who get access to your account can see it easily.

We must clear our Facebook searches so that we can be safe. Facebook provides us to clear our Search History. To know it you must stay here and stay with me.

  • Click on down arrow and Select ” Settings “ to navigate to your setting page.
  • Click on Privacy at the left side.
  • Under ” who can see my stuff? ”  use ” Active log ” to get to where Facebook all of our data that it’s been tracking since day one.
  • Now, at the left menu navigation you can find many Active log. From there Click on  ” Search “
  • At the top you can see Clear Searches. Click on it to clear your all search history.

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