Facebook Shortcuts Keys | Special Features Of Facebook

Facebook Shortcuts Keys | Special Features Of Facebook

Facebook a best social networking site. Most of you like Facebook due to it’s updating feature. It update according the need of users. People post status, image, videos and many more. Those shared post are liked commented and again shared by other users. During using Facebook you use mouse wheel to roll status down if you are using mouse or you slide touch pad to move down to view posts.

This is a short post. You can control all Facebook without keyboard only. You can do some vital task by just using a single key from keyboard. Press J to move down per status K to move up and L to Like a post. you will get This message for first time using this Feature. Tick mark in Don’t ask me again. and Click Confirm

Facebook Shortcuts Keys



J To jump down per Status.
K  To jump up per Status.
L To like The post.
C To Comment in the post
S To Share the post
P  To Post a new status.
Esc To cancel Commenting and Posting.

There are also many other shortcuts keys, we will be updating them keep surfing our website KickErrosToday. Do keep sharing other Facebook Tips & Tricks with us. Please Comment at our comment box and click here for more Facebook Tips.

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