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Facebook Sign Out Remotely

How to log out Facebook From Other Devices?

Facebook is a best social networking site. Most people use Facebook from public cyber, mobile to get connected with friends. Most people enjoy using Facebook from public cyber. What will happen if you forget to Log Out your Facebook account? What will happen if you lost your mobile where you used to sign in Facebook.

Many friends ask “I forget to log out my Facebook as i was using Facebook in Public Cyber”, “I lost my mobile and my Facebook was not log out.”

Here is all solution for all those problems. You can easily sign Out Facebook Remotely. Facebook have a feature to all Facebook users from where users can review from where they log in into Facebook. It shows all list From where you logged in. And, you can remove it, So, if anyone try to access from that device they can’t log in without entering Password again. (Simply your Facebook is logged out from that device) So here, we go:-

Go to settings and select security tab. Or simply visit this link

Now, Click on Edit next to Where You’re Logged In. Here you will find a list of your browser where you logged in to Facebook.

Facebook Sign Out Remotely

Current session is the the current device, that you are logged in now. Now you search the device from where you logged in to your Facebook. And Click End Activity Next to that device name.

Now facebook is logged out from that device. If you can’t identify the browser just click End Activity which is Next to Current session. This make your account log out from each and every  device you used to log in. Remember this option also make you log out from current device also So you need to Log in Again.

To log out easily use /logout.php after as

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