Free Android App Keyboard With Full PC Keyboard Layout

You can download many free android app at play store. But today I am talking about the free android app keyword which provides the full features of PC keyword. Clavis Keyboard is the free android keyboard application whit full PC keyboard layout. It means that you can have all the features of keyboard in the PC with this android application. This keyboard is not just look like the PC keyboard but also provides the all features in PC keyboard like copy, paste, cut, macros and many hot keys to make you easier for your work. You can easily set up to 10 macros according with your choice with this free android app keyboard.

This free android app keyboard includes other features like various themes, 7 keyword layouts which helps you to set as horizontal and vertical mode. Now, lets check it out how to use Clavis Keyboard app for android.


Free Android App Keyboard With Full PC Keyboard Layout

Clavis Keyboard, the free android app keyboard offers you a full PC keyboard, taking advantage of your tablets screensize. You can use the traditional hotkeys like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and experience awesome new functions that make your tablet even more powerful.

Features of Clavis Keyboard

★Modifier keys
Type special characters instantly, using the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys.

★Standard hotkeys
The „copy-cut-paste” and the „selet all” hotkeys work the way you are used to.

★Special hotkeys
Google, browse the web or send e-mails and insert up to 10 macros in seconds with Clavis’ new hotkeys.
The complete list of hotkeys can be found in the app.

★Cool Themes
Customize the look of your keyboard to your liking. New themes are coming every month.

There are 7 available layouts right now, but more will be included soon. The currently available layouts: US, GB, DE, FR, IT, BE, HU

How to customized Clavis keyboard which is free android app keyboard.

After you download free android app keyboard named Clavis keyboard, you can used it as default setting. Apart form default setting you can easily customized Clavis Keyboard. You can find 4 setting option at this free app for android. They are Language & Layout, Behavior, Appearance and macros.

  • Language and Layout: At this setting you can choose various languages available at this free android app keyboard. As of now, the app supports Belgian, Dutch, English (US), English (UK), French, Italian, and Magyar.

    Free Android App Keyboard
    Free Android App Keyboard


  • Appearance: The main feature of this setting is to set the keyboard height for both landscape and portrait mode. You can set the text field settings, theme, keyboard height and characters on keys easily.
  • Behavior: This setting is for you to set your keyboard behavior when you used it.  You can Enable vibration/sound on keystroke, auto uppercase for new statements etc.
  • Macro Settings: Use this option to setup up to 10 custom macros.

Conclusion of free android app keyboard, Clavis Keyboard

Clavis keyboard is the best free android app keyword which provides the all features of PC keyword. This keyword is suitable for those who used to work with Smart Phones for typing and writing related works. Now go a head to download this free android app keyboard, Clavis keyboard and feel like you are working with PC at your Smart Phone.

You can easily find free android apps download of this free android app keyboard, Clavis keyboard at this link.

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