Free Application To Find Who Deleted You On Facebook

Useful free application for android & iPhone

Are you a regular user of Facebook ? Do you want to know that who removed you on Facebook friend list ? Then, don’t worry there is a free application on Android and iPhone. Also, you can find browser extension for this job done.

The name of this free useful application is Who Deleted Me On Facebook. This application is free on android and iPhone and it will easily tell you that who removed you from the friend list since your last sign in. This free application also help you to tell whether that person deactivate Facebook account or shut down their Facebook Account and find whether he/she  removed you from his or her friends list. This is the task that is easily done by this free application.


If you really don’t want to download free application of this feature on your smartphone then you can also install extension on your browser, which used to be a Facebook application.

Of note, that app has an obvious shortcoming that’s unavoidable: it can’t tell you people who have deleted you in the past. Instead, it’ll monitor your account and tell you when people delete you after you start using it.

To install free application named Who Deleted Me On Facebook then, follow the link below for both android and iPhone.

Links : Apple Store , Android ,

I hope this free application to find who deleted or removed you on Facebook will be helpful for you. If you really like this application then, don’t forget to comment at our below comment box.

We will be providing more about other free useful application details and download link of free application on our upcoming article.

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