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I need to convert my documents to PDF in a hand. Is it possible? Don’t worry you can do it or you can scan to PDF by your mobile phone. There are many android and ios application which can easily scan your document to PDF. Among them, Mobile Doc Scanner is the best scanner I preferred for you.

Tips about the scan to PDF application for your android phone.

Mobile Doc Scanner is a useful app for students for creating PDFs. It can be installed on your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and you can easily get your documents scan to PDF.

You can scan any types of documents like receipts, class notes, newspaper articles, posters, images, whiteboard writings etc as PDFs with this app, anywhere and anytime.

In batch mode, you can scan a large number of documents straight away and turn them into PDFs later in your own time.

You can improve the image quality.

The app can detect the border automatically for you which is the best part of the scanner application that I am talking about.

You can easily export and share your PDFs using Mobile Doc Scanner.

You can upload your PDFs to cloud storage services such as Dropbox,, Google Docs etc.

Mobile Doc Scanner 3 Lite version 3.1.5 has a size of 25.21 MB and you can download it like most other educational apps here from Google Play store for your documents to scan to PDF in an easy way.


Tap the icon to open the app on your device to start with. The following homepage will appear.

Scan To PDF_1

You can see 5 icons in the bottom of the page. Tap the setting icon in the middle among these 5 icons. You will see the following long page in more than one screenshots to make necessary adjustments.

Scan To PDF_2

Set your options and get back to the homepage to learn more.

Tap the ?  icon to the right of the setting icon for an introduction of various homepage icons as in the following screenshot.

Scan To PDF_5


Tap the camera icon or NEW SCAN VIA SHOOT and open the camera. See the following screenshot.

Scan To PDF_7

Point the mobile camera lens at the document you want to scan and tap the round capture button at the bottom center. See how the document has been captured in the following screenshot.

Scan To PDF_8

You can edit the captured image immediately if you like, or later in your own time. For the time being, let’s leave editing to learn a bit later. First, let’s try BATCH MODE scanning. So, tap BATCH MODE.

In this page, choose the options and tap START button to go to the camera as in the previous method of NEW SCAN VIA SHOOT. Shoot as many pages or items as you want; and then, cancel batch mode by canceling camera. Above are the steps that are used for scanning a documents and convert them into PDF. I think you got the tips to scan to PDF for your documents.


In the homepage, immediately after shooting a document using NEW SCAN VIA SHOOT mode, if you tap PROCESS at the top, you will see the options for enhancement.

Tapping Black on the white document, you can have a page like the following.

Scan To PDF_9

Now, tap the pen icon in the middle.

You can tap Apply signature to place your signature; tap Draw to draw free hand, and tap Filter to use a filter.

In the homepage, tap MY SCANS.

Tap All to see your scanned documents.

In this screenshot, there are 3 scanned documents; and below them, there is a row of icons at the bottom of the page.

Tap the first icon from the left, and the following page will appear for marking or making the selection of items.

If you tap the delete icon in the bottom left corner, you will be asked to confirm as in the following screenshot.

Scan To PDF_11

Tap NO or YES to confirm and it will be executed.

Next, to the delete icon, you have merge icon to merge more than one marked documents; move the icon to move the marked documents to other folders, and share icon to send the marked documents.


I think now you are familier with this scanner application and now you can easily scan to PDF for your documents. I am using it for many time and it is good to use. The review of this application is so good.

Discover more by yourself and let us know what we can do to improve this post( Tips for scan to PDF )  in future.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information in this post is 100% correct.

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