Gmail Email Forwarding |Forward Gmail Email To Another Email Address

Gmail Email Forwarding | Forward Gmail Email To another Email Address

Need to Gmail forwarding to other Email Address, don’t worry it is easy and very quick to do so. Please follow the following step to transfer your email to your friends, relatives, office, nearest & dearest ones.

The Tips to forward Gmail Email to another Email Address

  1. At first you must login to you gmail Account. Click Here to Login to Gmail.
  2. After that Click on the left site of the webpage, there you will find the gear of Gmail and select Setting.
  3. gmail email forwarding
  4. Now, you will have the new webpage, from there click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP, 
  5. Now, at the Forwarding: option. click on Add a forwarding address.
  6. gmail email forwarding
  7. Then, enter the desired email address to whom you want to forward your Gmail email at Please enter a new forwarding email address:
  8. Click on Next.
  9. Now click on Ok.
  10. Now open the email to whom you had decided to forward. At you inbox you will get the Gmail forwarding confirmation code.
  11. Copy the confirmation code at you inbox and again login to the Gmail Accounnt and form the top-left gear click on Setting and then, Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  12. Now, paste the code under confirmation code.
  13. Click Verify.
  14. Now you will have the option. Please choose the desired one from the following.
  • Keep Gmail’s copy on the inbox.
  • mark Gmail’s copy as read.
  • archive Gmail’s copy.
  • delete Gmail’s copy.

15.  Now, click on Save Changes.

Finally you have done it. Now your Gmail Email will be forwarded according to your need to the selected Email address.

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