Gmail keyword shortcuts | Gmail tips & Tricks

Gmail keyword shortcuts | Gmail tips & Tricks

I know you love Gmail because it has many features which you love it. We spent most of the time on Gmail. Gmail is the free electronic mail which cost nothing to send mail to our friends, relatives and many more. Gmail is the best product of Google. We can found many Gmail tips & Tricks on online or in a different website. But, if you need a best website to have Gmail Tips & Tricks you are in a right place. Today we are going to talk about the Gmail keyword shortcuts or a Gmail shortcut keys. Here you can learn about the Gmail shortcut keys with their functions.

If you are spending more time on gmail to check mail and many more. Now, form today onward you can decrease your time on Gmail account. Because, we are here for Gmail keyword shortcuts or Gmail  shortcut keys with the functions.

Do you know you can use many different Gmail keyword shortcuts within Google Gmail? Here are the list of Gmail keyword shortcuts which can apply while composing mail.

Gmail keyword shortcuts

Ctrl + b | Make your text bold.

Ctrl + u | Make your text underline.

Ctrl + i | Make your text italic.

Ctrl + shift + 7 | Make a numbered list.

Ctrl + shift + 8 | Make a bulleted list.

Ctrl + k | Insert a hyperlink for highlighted text.

Ctrl + shift + lAlign Left – align text along the left side of the page.

Ctrl + shift + e |  Align center – align text in the center of the page.

Ctrl + shift + R | Align right – align text along the right side of the page.

Ctrl + Shift + 9 | Quote – Format a block of text as a quote.

More Gmail shortcut keys ( Just turn ‘Em on )

We have many more Gmail keyword shortcuts. Just you have to do is go to switch them in manually first.

  1. Hit the gear icon on the right upper corner and select settings.
  2. Head to ” Keyword shortcuts
  3. Switch them to On.
  4. Click on ” Save Changes ” at the bottom of the page.

The Gmail shortcut keys are :

c | Lets you compose a new mail. Shift + c composes a message on a new window.

d | Compose a message on a new tab.

e | Archive a message.

f | Forward the message.

# | Delete a message.

/ | Do a gmail email search.

Shift + i | Make as read

Shift + u | Make as unread.

Shift + s | Save as draft.

I have listed the Gmail shortcut keys at above. Hope from today you can easily compose a Gmail email using a Gmail keyword shortcuts. Please leave the comment if you feel this article is useful for you.

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