Gmail Password Recovery | How To Recover Gmail Password?

How To Recover Gmail Password?

Gmail is one of the best free email service provider. Gmail provides us many features that are helpful for us. For the security of our Gmail Account we must always change the password of our Gmail Account. Sometime we may forget our Gmail Password if we are not log in at our Gmail Account regularly. It’s human nature that if we are not in touch for a long period of time we may forget it. But, don’t worry Gmail provides facility to recover our Gamil Password. We should follow some Gmail policy to have our Gmail password again.

Easy steps for Gmail Password Recovery

To reset your forgotten Gmail Password

  1. At first you must be sure either >> You have not logged in into the Gmail Account for more than 5 days. Or  you have set your secondary email address for Gmail Account.
  2. From the Gmail log in page you can follow the Can’t access your account ?
  3. After that check on I don’t know my password.
  4. Now, please enter the Gmail email address under Email address and click on the blue button having continue.

If you have a secondary email address for Gmail Account or have set email address for Gmail Account:

  1. You must know the desired email address following Get a password reset link at my recover email: under Choose how to get back into your account .
  2. Now, click on Continue.
  3. After that you can get the Google Account Recovery message on your desired email address.
  4. Follow the link at your email box for the recovery of the Gmail password send form Google Password Assistance Password.

If you have set up a security question for Gmail password Recovery:

  1. Under Choose how to get back into your account, select answer my security question.
  2. Now, answer to your recovery question following the desired question.


If you have set up phone number for account recovery.

  1. Under Choose how to get back into your account, make sure the desired phone number is selected following Get a verification code via( SMS) on my phone.
  2. Now, click on Continue.
  3. Now, open the text message from Google that begin with your Google verification code.
  4. Now, enter the verification code under Enter that code here.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Finally enter the desired password under New password and Re-enter password.
  7. Now, click on Reset Password.

I hope from today you can easily recover your Gmail Password. Don’t forget to comment at our comment box.

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