Hide Facebook Friends List

Hide Facebook Friends List At Mobile

Facebook is best social networking site for all of us. It is making updates with the Need of users. ¬†As from the Facebook’s privacy settings every user can hide their friends list to all users who visits their profile. It is also come from a hue and cry from Facebook users and advocacy groups, Facebook relented and provided a way to hide the friends list. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it altogether easy to find out how to hide your Facebook friends list. Facebook friends lists can be hidden from Both computer and mobile phone. Most of users can hide their friend’s list from computer but can’t from mobile. Here is a Way to hide from Computer and from mobile both.

To hide your Facebook friends list from Computer

>>>Go to your profile page.

>>>Click on friends.

>>>Now click in manage.(a pencil icon)

>>>Click in Edit Privacy.

Hide Facebook Friends List

>>>Click in Friends and select Only me.

>>>Just close It.

Most of my friends ask me to hide their Facebook Friend’s lists. I ask them to do themselves. But, they say that they use mobile.

Hide Friend’s list in Facebook from mobile

From your mobile browser Log In to your Facebook and go to your Facebook profile.

Hide Facebook Friends List>>>Now, Click on Friends.

Now, Click in Friends of Friends or friends (Something which is after Who can see your friends list?)

Hide Facebook Friends List

Now click in Only Me

Now your friend list is hidden from other users.

I hope this article is useful for you all who want to hide Facebook friend list from mobile. Please, Hit on Share and do comment at our comment box. If you have any other Facebook Tips & Tricks then, don’t forget to comment at our comment box. For more Facebook Tips & Tricks, you can visit here.

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