Hide Your Photos In facebook From mobile

Hide Your Photos In Facebook From mobile

Facebook a best social networking site, which allow us to share photos with each other. We all love sharing our photos with friends so we upload our photos in Facebook. Facebook provides us with the privacy & policy. Many people don’t like the privacy of Facebook so, they used to left using Facebook. If you need to delete your Facebook account permanently check How to Delete Facebook Account? | Remove Facebook Account.  According to the latest update of privacy policy on Facebook it provides us to hide our personal information, photos, friend list etc from anyone.

Many people are unknown about facebook feature. Also user who use facebook from mobile don’t think it is possible from mobile. Today you will get to learn how to make your photos Private (ie. hide your photos) using mobile phone. From computer check How To Hide Friend List?.

So here we Go

First how to make aFcebook profile picture Private. Remember Profile picture can’t be hidden. But if you make your profile private people can’t View it in full size.

>>>Log in to Facebook and go to your Profile.
>>>Open your Profile picture.

Hide Your Photos In facebook

>>>Now Click in Edit Photo.

Hide Your Photos In facebook

>>>Again, click in Edit (Add text In the field which is shown below your picture)


Hide Your Photos In facebook

>>>Click in Only Me.

Now, your Facebook profile is Private (other can’t see your Profile Picture in full Size.)

To make other photo hidden follow the same process in each image you want to make hidden. Other Photos Next then Profile picture can’t be view from other of you make it Only me. Select Friends to share with your Facebook friends only.

You can Upload photo Privately Too.

Hide Your Photos In facebook

During Uploading Select Only Me as shown in Image. It will be hidden from Other.

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