Instagram Photo Editing Tips

Instagram Photo Editing Tips

Instagram is a popular application for capturing and sharing photos and videos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. However, it offers the users opportunity for photo editing just after capturing and before sharing. There are many photo editing applications available from appstore and playstore but edited photos have to be taken back to Instagram for sharing and all this takes time which Instagram photo editing saves for you.

In order to edit photos, first tap the camera icon in the bottom of the homepage and go to the gallery page. Then, choose your photo and tap to see the following screenshot.

gallery oage

Tap Next in the top right corner. You will see the following page with options for applying filters . Tap EDIT in the bottom right corner for editing page as shown in the screenshot below.

editng icons

There are 4 icons under the photo in the above editing page. If you swipe left, you’ll discover 9 more icons.

Icon 1 . Adjust

Tap the first icon named Adjust and see its 3 sub- icons as in the following screenshots.

adjust angles Screenshot_2016-08-17-07-57-15

Tap each icon and swipe the slider under the icons to change the angle as shown above. Either tap DONE or CANCEL to go back to the editing page with 13 icons.

Icon No 2. Brightness

Tap Brightness  and go the page where you can adjust brightness with a slider. To decrease brightness drag it leftwards up to -100 as in the left screenshot below and to increase brightness drag it towards right up to +100 as shown in the right screenshot below.

brightness Screenshot_2016-08-17-07-57-46

Icon No 3 : Contrast

Tap Contrast icon and you will see a slider below the photo. Use the slider to change contrast. Look at the following screenshot with -100 contrast in the left and +100 contrast as in the right screenshot.

editing contrast Screenshot_2016-08-17-07-58-03

Icon No 4: Structure

Tap Structure and see a slider that moves from 0 to 100 from left to right.

editing structure

From Icon No 5 to Icon No 13, you can do photo editing for warmth, saturation, color, fade, highlights, shadows, vignette, tilt and sharpness.


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