Language Learning with App

Language Learning with App

Language learning app is for users of smartphones, tabs and phabs to learn languages skills by oneself.
This student app challenges you to put away text books and instead use this app to learn languages by reading articles from local newspapers and by practicing vocabulary.
You can learn French, Germany, English, Spanish and many more languages using
You can also collect new words from the web into your dictionary for vocabulary practice.

Download this 15.44 MB android app from Google’s Play Store and allow it to get installed.
As you open the app for the first time, you will have to sign up to use it.

The home page that opens always is as follows.


There are 5 buttons altogether in a line at the top and the first one is WORDS. It is already active in the above picture. Just below the line of buttons, there is a long blue button called +Add Words (Dictionary); and below it, there is a list of words collected by the user. This list can be edited.
When you tap the +Add Words (Dictionary) button, the following screen appears.

language - 2

As soon as I typed ‘Hello‘ in the text box, a new button called ‘Go!‘ appeared and when I pressed it, the following page with the meaning along with audible pronunciation of ‘Hello’ came.

language - 3

You will find an animation sign in the box. When I tapped on it, the following page with pictures and a sentence with the word ‘Hello’ in it appeared.

Tapping the Back button twice, you come back to the home page to see the word ‘Hello’ added to your list.

Tapping the second button READ, we see a list of recent news headlines as in the picture.

language - 4

Going to the last headline, you see the following screen.

Tap on the cartoon picture to go to the following Choose a Category page to choose your topic.You have a choice of about one and a half dozen categories to choose from.

Tap the radio button to choose. I chose Technology and it took me to the page below.

I found a number of headlines but tapped the first to see the article in the following page.

You will find only a short piece of the article here; and you have to tap on the Read more button at the bottom left corner to see the whole article. There is also a Translate button at the bottom right corner.
As you can see in the screenshot, some words in the article have been highlighted. If you tap a highlighted word, you will hear the pronunciation and also see the meaning of the word.

You will see the following page when you tap PRACTICE. The page says It’s practice time.

I tapped the button Coffee Break to get the following.

language - 5

The word is ‘tablet‘ and the question is ‘Do you know this word?’

If you tap the blue colored No button, the definition of the word will appear with the yellow Next(0/15) button in the bottom.
If you tap the yellow Yes button, the following page will appear to test you if you really know. There are 5 options to pick the right meaning for the given word, in this case ‘tablet’ ; and you have 5 seconds time to tap your choice.

Whether you pick the right answer or the wrong, it will tell you the result and also show you the answer. Hit the next button for more practice.

Tap the SETTING button and you will see the following page.

language - 6

To set your target language which you want to learn, tap the flag next to I’m Learning. At the moment, it is set to English.

If you tap the radio button next to Spanish, your target language will be Spanish and the national flag of Spain will appear in the setting page.
Next, you have to select your mother tongue or the language you speak in the same way.
The last item in the SETTING page is Sound. Tap the button next to Sound either to switch ON or to OFF it.

5. Last Button
The 5th button has no name but a number beneath a round orange icon. If you tap it, it will show you your score for the last 7 days.

Next to My Score button there is Top 5 button. It shows the top 5 scorers in the app’s list.

Disclaimer : We cannot guarantee that the information in this page is 100% correct.
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