Mute A Conversation On Facebook

Mute A Conversation On Facebook

Are you fed up with the notification sound on Facebook ?

Facebook as being a best social media application to share photos, pictures, status&many more. And, we know that we can chat with our friends, relatives, brothers, sisters&many more, Also we can have a group chats at our Facebook Messenger. When we are silences at our Facebook group chats, the message can be used to share with us. Facebook send us a notification on our profile or at Facebook page whenever a new response is posted.

We get so annoying by the notification sound if we are on a large group of chat. We get so feds up by that sound because by default the Facebook is getting sound when we have a Facebook new notification.


Do you want to mute the notification sound on Facebook ?

The Trick

The best way to have cool chat with our friends, relatives and others in a group chats we must mute the Facebook sound. This will allow you to continue with the conversation even if you have mute conversation.

How to do it ?

  1. Firstly you must go to the offending message, and click on the Action tab which is located at the right corner of the screen.
  2. Then, you can have many option, among them you must choose or click on Mute Conversation, and all the notification will be stopped.
  3. Mute A Conversation On Facebook
  4. Finally you can have a cool and a sweet chat with your love ones.


Also, if you are a part of the group conversation then, you can leave the conversation, so that no message can be delivered. But by choosing the above step by step instruction you can chat as well as be apart from the Facebook sound while accepting a new Facebook notification. I hope now, you can enjoy a lot.

If you have other Facebook tips & Tricks, then Please share with us at our comment box.




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