Top 7 Part Time Jobs In Australia For Students

As being an International Student in Australia, it is very hard to manage time for both studies and work in a parallel way. Are you all worried about the part time jobs in Australia as being an International Student in Australia? Don’t worry there are many part time jobs in Australia for the university students. Today I will discuss the available part-time jobs and casual jobs in Australia for Students. They are the very good jobs for students because you can easily manage your works and studies and also allows an individual time for both studying and earning money. You can increase your valuable skills for your future career as being a part time jobs in Australia.

Are you a student and want best part time jobs in Australia?

You can find so many Part Time Jobs in Austalia for International students. Among them, I had listed some of the Part-time jobs in Australia for students.

Part Time Jobs In Australia

  1. Wait Staff  

If you are a student and want to develop your career in the hospitality sector. Then, wait staff is the most suitable jobs for you. As you see there are many restaurants and cafe in your area. Cafe and restaurants usually hire staff regularly and often there are many casual and part-time work available for you. You can get working hours at morning, lunch time and dinner which will be the best part time for students in Australia for university students. You usually get about 4 hours of shift as a wait staff depending what meal you are helping with. The pay for this job is average but you can get rewards as tips from your customer if you able to service them in a good hospitality. Also, you can get feed by your cook in the kitchen at your break.

2. Bartenders

You should have a recent RSA  ( Responsible Service Of Alcohol ) or RCG ( Responsible Conduct Of Gambling Certificate ) to develop your career in Bartender. You can easily get this certificate for a cheap price. You can have RSA course online with a price between $30 – $ 50. Bar works are very suitable for students because the work will usually be at night shift or on a weekend which is outside of University Hour. The pay for this job $20-$25 for an hour. Also, you can get extra hours in a weekend. You can develop your communication skills as you will be serving to university students, travelers, and bar locals.

3. working at the University.

Many students are in search for Jobs but they are unknown about the many jobs available in their University. You can find many part-time and casual jobs in Australia for university students at University. The jobs like tutors, library staff, cafe staff, cleaning, etc are always waiting for you to get proper jobs in Australia. So, you don’t have to go somewhere else for the jobs or you don’t have to apply for any online jobs in Australia. Be quick though these positions get snapped up early on in the year.

4. Supermarket Shelf Packer

These types of jobs are available for the night shift only. It is very good for you if you cannot afford at day time and you have a hectic schedule in your university. You can search online jobs at Coles, Woolworths for this types of jobs but also you can work in a local supermarket that is near by you.

5. Pizza Delivery Driver

One of the part time jobs in Australia for Student is Pizza Delivery Driver. If you don’t worry about sitting in a car and can easily stand the smell of freshly baked pizza and you are well on the roads then this is the best casual and part time works in night shift for you.

6. Lawn Mower

Many of your neighbors usually hire other people in to do their lawns. so, why don’t you approach them and let them know that you can easily do that jobs in a proper way? Sometimes helps them to clean their gardens and that may change their mind and they can offer you to make the environment green.

7. BabySitting

Although the idea of looking after some screaming kids doesn’t sound immediately appealing, babysitting is a great part-time job for students because, after bedtime, you’re free to do as you please – relax, study, research, scroll the internet. You may get the occasional disturbance but depending on the age of the kids, you could have the house to yourself from 8 – 12 midnight. Also, parents often take pity on the ‘poor struggling uni students’ and will pay you generously

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