Pocket : Save and Study Anything

Pocket to Save Anything for Study

Pocket is a student android app to save anything from the web and study later in smartphones, tabs and phabs.
You can save articles, pictures and videos from other apps in your smartphone and also from your browsers with the help of best android educational application pocket.

You can also save from your computer.
You can read text and also listen to the saved audio files.
You can share saved items with others such as friends to help them study better.

How to get and install it?
Open Play Store and type Pocket in the search box.
Tap on Pocket to select.
And Tap Install. When asked to accept, tap Accept button. The app will be downloaded and installed.

Once installed, open the app and sign up with your email address as ID and a password.
Soon you will receive an email titled : Confirm Your Email Address.
Open it and tap the link given for confirmation.
How to save from your Smartphone or tab?
You can easily save articles, images, videos and web pages  to it from your phone or tablet.
Use the Android Share menu and tap ‘Add to Pocket‘.

How to Save from your Laptop?
Before you can save anything to Pocket from your PC, you’ll need to add or install a bookmarklet or plug-in to your browser bar. You will receive an email from Pocket and you will have to open it in your laptop to see the following. The email will ask you to click a link.


Click the first of the above links ( http://getpocket.com/go), and you will see the following page.
Save to Pocket from Your Computer
Connecting the Pocket button provides the best way to save pages to Pocket in just one click..
Connect Now
Or install the bookmarklet
Click anyone of the two. It will take you to the following page.
Save to Pocket from Your Computer

+ Pocket
Please log in to install the Pocket Bookmark let.
Click ‘ log in‘ to go to the log in page. Type your ID and password and click log in.
You will find the bookmark-let button on the bar of your browser.


When you want to save any page you have opened in your laptop browser, just click the bookmarklet button and it will be saved. You can also tag it.

How to send emails and save ?
You can send an email and save.
To do this, browse an article or a video. Copy the link.
Open your email app and click Compose. Type ‘add@getpocket.com‘ in the To (Add Address) inbox and then, paste the copied link in the body box. Click Send.
Note: You can add other email addresses using which you can send links to Pocket for saving.
How to  access the app in all your devices?
You will receive a tutorial email from Pocket with a link as shown below.


Click the first link (https://getpocket.com/add? s=email_crossplatform&cta=1)
You will see a blog post and a list of operating systems. Click the ones you use and follow the instructions to have Pocket sync with your smartphones, tablets, phablets and PCs.
How to Deal with the Saved Items?
When you open the app with items saved to it, you will encounter the following :


In this screenshot, you can see 4 items listed with the top one being the last saved item. You can change the setting to show the first saved item at the top if you like.
Tapping the menu button (3 bars) in the top left corner of the above figure introduces the following menu page.


Highlights‘ shows the best items only when enough items get saved.
My List‘ shows all the saved items of all types.
Articles‘ shows the list of saved articles for reading and listening.
Videos‘ shows the list of videos saved.
Images‘ shows the list of images saved.
Shared to Me‘ shows the items sent to you by your friends and saved by you.
Tags‘ shows the list of tags and also All Untagged Items.
Favorites’ shows the list of items marked with stars while online. While offline, they appear in My List.
Archives‘ shows the list of archived items while online. While offline, these items may appear in My List.
Inbox‘ shows the items shared to you using Send to Friend.

If you tapped the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner, a menu drops down as in the following figure. It has 4 items namely Bulk Edit, Refresh, Settings and Help.


Using Bulk Edit button, you can select items and then mark as starred, delete and also tag the selected items.
Tapping Setting button, you will see the following page.pocket

As it transpires from the above screenshot, you can change and edit Account, General settings, Reading, Downloading, Syncing, List, Sharing, Notifications etc.
Using the Help button you will have the following page.


You can find help about the topics mentioned here from this page by tapping on the individual items.

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Disclaimer : We cannot guarantee that the information in this page is 100% correct.

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