Quizlet : Learn or Teach Any Subject

Quizlet to Learn or Teach Any Subject

Quizlet version 1.5.4 is a useful educational application to learn or teach any subject for users of android smartphones, tablets and phablets. It is also available for iOS.

What can you do with it?
You can learn and teach any subject anywhere in any of the 6 different styles with Quizlet.
It is suitable for all kinds of learners and teachers.
You can use it for both teaching and learning, using simple tools.

Where can you get it from?
You can download and install this free app from Google’s Play Store. It takes up 14.61 MB space.

How to sign up for Quizlet?
As you open the app for the first time and see the screen shown below, you know you have to sign up.
Tap the Sign up button at the bottom right corner and go to the following CREATE AN ACCOUNT page

    quizlet     Quizlet

You can fill in the text boxes and tap Sign up or else you can also sign up by tapping Sign up with Google+ or Sign up with Facebook.
After you have had your Quizlet account, now you can sign in using the second dialogue box shown above.

How to use Quizlet for study and practice?
The home page of Quizlet has a search icon at the bottom right corner.
Tap the search icon and the keyboard pops up with text box at the top as in the following screenshot.


Type the name of a study set, a class or a user and hit search icon in the keyboard. It will take you directly to it and you can start a session to study, practice or create a set.

How to create a set?
To create a set of your of your own, tap the + button at the bottom left corner. You will see the following dialogue box written Create a new set at the top.


Tap Add+ button and type a term and its definition. As you attempt to type the definition for your first term, the following screen appears.

              Quizlet   Quizlet

Tap the drop down menu; and the second screenshot( shown above) with a number of languages appears.

Tap the language for your terms and then for your definitions. I tapped Sanskrit for the terms and English for definitions and then typed Yoga Terminology for the title of the set as in the following screenshot.


Then, I added the definition for the first term.
To add more terms and definitions, tap Add+ button each time.
You can make the set visible to all or to just yourself by tapping either on Everyone button or Just me button.
When I had finished typing, I changed the title of my set to Ares Thapa on Yoga Terminology and tapped the Create button to see my set as in the following screenshot.


If you want to edit your set, you can tap the edit icon or pen icon at the top right corner and make changes.
How to use sets to learn or teach?
There are 6 different styles for using your sets such as Flashcards, Learn, Speller, Test, Scatter and Space Race in a desktop but only Card, Learn and Match are in a smartphone.
How to use Cards button?
When you tap Cards button either to learn or teach, you will see a term and also hear its pronunciation. Tap on the term to hear the pronunciation again. Scroll upward for the answer. Scroll still further upwards for the next term and so on.


How to use the Learn button?
Tap Learn and you will see a term with a text box below it to type the answer and a Don’t Know button next to it.
If you type correct, the next item of the set will appear and if wrongly typed, the app will show you the correct answer (in green color) to re-type along with your wrong answer in red color.


How to use Match button?
Tap the Match button and you will be shown 7 terms and their answers strewn randomly. You have to touch and match. This is a game of time to help you learn or teach.


Creating sets is easier in desktop; and studying as well as playing games in desktop is also slightly different from smartphones.

Do you know any other educational app similar to and more useful than this to help people learn or teach any subject? Please let us know.
Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information in this page is 100% correct.

Click the link to watch the video tutorial for teachers.

Click the link to watch about flash cards.

Click the link for more educational apps.

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