Reply All Your Birthday Wishes Individually

Getting lazy to reply individually to your friends .

Facebook is one of the growing social media application, which provided us with facility to update our birthday at our profile. Everyone has their beautiful day , the most beautiful day is yours birthday. You will be amazing or getting so surprised when you have full of wishes on your Facebook wall post. This can happen obviously at your birthday. Many of your friends may wish you saying “ Happy birthday “ on photo sharing application, Facebook. On your special day you might be quite busy and might not get enough time to reply for all the wishes you have got on your Facebook wall, if your having a lot of friends.

You may be happy if you can Auto Reply  to  all yours Facebook friends who wished on your birthday. Also, you may get the birthday wishes from the people whom you haven’t talked or interact with a long period of time. You may also have a wish from the people who are Stanger to you. But if you don’t reply to all the wishes that you have on your Facebook profile then, your friends, relative, family&many more will think that you are getting rude  or they may think you are avoiding them which may make your relation and friendship bad.

So, to make your relation and friendship happy , you must reply to all your friends, relatives, nearest &  dearest ones. But some people used to write just “ Thank you all for the warm wishes.” On their wall to reply

But what will will happen with you if you have such a magic to like and comment all your friends  wishes.

Yes, you can like all the wishes  and comment to them individually. Today I am here to tell you about this magic. But this magic is only possible by the Facebook application named as “ say thank you “.

How to do it ?

You must follow the following steps to auto reply all your Facebook Birthday wishes :

  1. First of all you must login to the Facebook Account.
  2. Then, search the application named as ” say thank you ” or go with the link here. (
  3. Now click accept to allow to access your Facebook profile by this application.
  4. After, you must select the option how you want to reply your friends who have posted a birthday wishes on your wall, you can get option like reply your friends, like your friend’s post or you may choose both option.
  5. Finally you can choose the name of your friends to whom you want to share your thank you.

I hope this will works on you. If you think this post is helpful for you then please don’t forget to share it.

Also you can easily check who unfriend you on Facebook. Easy way to learn it.

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