How To Run Android Apps On Computer?

Run Android Apps On Computer

Now most people use Android mobile. According to a report from Gartner, the Android mobile operating system will have one billion users by the end of 2014.  Those devices which support android are making large market all over the world. In this last three years it’s market is increasing rapidly. 500+ million devices are sold in 2012 and 878 million devices in 2013, according to that report.

Android is also famous among people due to it’s apps. So, all people want to run android apps on computer. We can easily find different application for computer.

You also may want to use android apps but you don’t have android Device. Now you Need not to worry about That.

Yes! now you can use android apps in your computer with the help of Android Emulator. And one of the Best and famous Android Emulator is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is free to use.

Run Android Apps In Computer

Learn, how to Set up BlueStacks?

You can download it from it’s official Website
>>>Click in DOWNLOAD APPS PLAYER To download.

After download completed Install it.

Now BlueStacks is Installed in your Computer.

To install android apps in it just download that .apk file in your computer and Run it.

You can install most of all android apps in It and use it.

All apps will Run If some apps Don’t run do the following to correct it.

>>>Go to Local Disk  C

>>>Program Data (Remember it is Program Data Not Program Files) {IF Program Data is not seen Click in View Which is in Top of that window and click tick mark in Hidden items}

>>>Right Click in BlueStacks Folder Then Click in Properties >>> Security >>> Edit >>>tick mark Allow for all >>>Do same for SYSTEM, Administrators, User (ie. Click all those and tick mark in allow for all Full Control, Modify, Rea……………….Then Click Apply

>>>Do same For BlueStacksSetup Folder.


1.Some Apps Like Temple Run Can’t Be Played as we Can’t control just as we control rotating Mobile.
2.It accept all apps and can run those If any apps cant Run Just contact us Hope We will solve it For you.
3.You also can download apps from Home of BlueStuck.

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