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How to search mail in Gmail ?

If you have lots of email at your Gmail Account, we oviously feel so hard to search for the earlier email at our mailbox. But, don’t worry Today I am going to tell a easy steps to find the required email at Gmail inbox with many search operator.

Do you want to find email using Operator ?

Search email in Gmail.

It is very easy to search Email at our Gmail Inbox. You must follow the simple step by step to find your Gmail using many related operator which is mentioned here at below:

  1. At first log in to your Gmail Account.
  2. Then, At the top you have input box, Enter the requested search and click on the magnifying glass.

Option to Search Gmail | Operater To lookup mail at Gmail

Search Mail In Gmail

  1. Click on the Show Search Option down arrow at the Gmail Search Field.
  2. Now, you have many option like From, you can enter the email address or the sender name to lookup email at Gmail . Also you have many option like To, Subject, Has the word, Doesn’t have, You can use this criteria to search the email easily.
  3. If you want to search the mail having attachment then you must check on the Has attachment with the email address at From field.
  4. Also search the  email using date at the Date Within Field.
  5. Now at finally click on the Search mail button so that you can find your desired email at Gmail Account.

Now lets have a talk about the Gmail Search Operator which are listed below ;

  • Subject:  You can search email using subject.
  • From: By using this operator you can find the email easily with sender name and email address.
  • To: By using this operator you can search email to whom you send your email.
  • CC: By this operator you can find email whom you send the carbon copy. For eg :
  • is:unread: This operator is used to search the unread mail from the Inbox.
  • is:read: You can easily find the mail at Inbox which are opened already using this operator.
  • filename: If you want to search the mail with attached file, then, use filename operator. Example filename:.doc
  • after: Search email using a date , By using this operator you can search email within a date or after a date. Example: after:2010/10/10 The date must be at YY/MM/DD format.
  • before: With this operator you can find the email before the related date. Example: before:2010/03/09.

I have mentioned the important operator at the above list. I hope this article will be useful for you. If you think it’s good and helpful for you. Please don’t forget to share with your friends and do comment us.


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