Secure Your Facebook Account

Secure Your Facebook Account

Facebook is used by most people all around the world. Your Facebook account is your identity so it must be secure in all extend. Simply all posts from your account is your thought. I mean if you post something from your Facebook account whether it is bad/wrong nobody think it is posted by other through your account all think that you had posted those all. So your Facebook should be Secure enough.

You will know about:-

  1. Security Settings in Facebook.
  2. Log in notification
  3. Log in approval
  4. Trusted Contacts
  5. Trusted Browser

So here we go. First Log in to your Facebook account and Go to settings or just log in and open

Facebook allow users to get SMS to their mobile if there’s account is logged in from Unknown browser or Simply Unknown Place. It is not Auto activated we need to active this feature. So to get Notification about log in of Facebook account Click Edit Next to Log in Notifications.

Secure your Facebook Account

Tick Mark in box Before Email to get notification in Email and Tick in box before Text message/Push notification to get notifications in Your Mobile Phone as SMS. Click Save Changes. Remember you can select Both also and If you had’t connected your mobile phone in Facebook you will asked to add your Mobile number and come back here and do these Steps.

Also you need two step verification to Log in to Facebook. You can Use your mobile as extra layer of security. To active This Feature Click Edit Next to Log in Approvals.  Tick mark on the box before Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers. A message appears Click get started. Select your Mobile device type. and click continue. You will Get a Code from Facebook Via SMS Enter that code. Click Continue and Enter your password. Now Every Time you try log in to your Facebook from unknown browser(Not used before) You need to enter a code which Facebook send you through Facebook.

If you lost your Password Or you are locked Trusted Contacts can help you to get your Account Back and Help you to make it Unlocked. So to add Trusted Contacts Just click Edit Next to Trusted Contacts

Secure your Facebook Account

Click in Choose Trusted Contacts and A message box appears Again Click in Choose Trusted Contacts.

Secure your Facebook Account

Select Your Trusted Friends Each. Select 3-5 Friends And Click in Confirm. You can edit those list anytime you want.

 Check Where You’re Logged In. To Check your Log in history Check Forget To Log Out Facebook? | Facebook Sign Out Remotely. For more Options About Log in history and Security.

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