Send Friend Request On Facebook Without Being Follower

How to send friend request on Facebook?

Most of all people use Facebook. In Facebook, friends can easily  see each other’s status update, photos, videos and all other updates. Facebook also have a feature from where people can follow some next people and get all updated from them which is shared as Public. Most of  Stars, Celebrity and other famous person we like them to follow and get updates from. But Some of our friends also enable this feature in their profile. It’s very easy to send Friend Request on Facebook. Also click here to learn How to download Facebook Video?  But, nobody knows that while sending Facebook friend request, we are also following the same person and can get any updates going on with them.

What happen on Facebook if we are the follower of some friend?

We may have many friends on our Facebook Profile. At default we are all the follower of our friend on our Facebook Friend list. If we are the follower of our friends we get notification if something get updated on our Friend’s Facebook Profile. But, we may have some friends who used to get updated regularly at Facebook. We get lazy to see the notification on Facebook. To get rid of it we must unfollow our such Facebook friends.

Solution for these questions:

  1. How do i add a person in Facebook without being in followers list?
  2. How do i add a person without knowing by other then that person?

When you add such friends you will be in their followers list so other can know that you add her/him. And also in your profile they are listed under following list.
So, How?

Go to the profile whom you want to send friend request without being follower.

Click in +1 Add Friend

Send Friend Request On Facebook

As in the above image your friend Request is send to that person. And Your are following the person as well. So, click in Following.

Send Friend Request On Facebook

Now, your friend Request is send but you are not following to that person.

I hope this article helps you to get easy on Facebook profile. Now, you can easily unfollow the Facebook friends. We have more tricks on Facebook. Click here for more Best Facebook Tips & Tricks .

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