Easily Send Friend Request When Blocked 2016 Tricks

Easily Send Friend Request When Blocked 2014 Tricks

Do you want to send friend Request when you are blocked by Facebook ? If yes then, don’t worry. Some people has the habit to send friends request to all the friends at once. Also if you got a new Facebook Account you want to send friends request to all of the people. But, Facebook use to block the friends request if we send the friend request for more people. At that time the bad thing is that we cannot send the request to those people we know personally. We get so happy when friend request sent is successful but feels bad when we cannot send friend request to know friends.

Need some help to send Friend Request when you are blocked to send the request on Facebook . Then, lets check the tricks below :

The Trick :

  1. First of all you must login into the Facebook official page. Click here to login on Facebook.
  2. Secondly, you must know the email address of the friends you want to add as a friend on Facebook.
  3. Now, we can add your friend using email address on Facebook. For that you must click here.
  4. After that, at the left side of the page you will find this .
  5. Send Friend Request When Blocked
  6. Now, you can send the friend request easily but first you must log in to the available email services.
  7. Now you can easily send Friend Request using email address of desired email services.

I hope now you don’t have any problem to send the friend request to all of yours friends when you are blocked by the Facebook.

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