Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Student

There are almost an apps for everything nowadays. Nobody wants to carry all the books and text copy in a College or University life. In this smart world, you must be smart by downloading best educational apps which make your life easy, faster, cheaper, safer, and more fun. Whether you want help with taking notes, revising, waking up on time or keeping fit, read on for our pick of the best educational apps for students.

List Of Best Educational Apps For Students

  1. Evernote ( free ) 

Evernote applicationAs being a student, you should have to copy many notes in your student life. Evernote is one of the best apps for education which is the most popular note taking application. You can download this application for ios, apple watch, windows, android. Recently update of this Evernote application gives you more features and facilities. it has the best interface which is the best part of it. so, it is perfect for the student. You can do many things in this free educational application like you can take notes, set reminders, attached files, make a to-do list, create agenda and access everything through any device.

2. My study Life

This application can be download free which is very helpful for all the students. It helps to manage your classes with week and day timetables. It can easily track of tasks and exams in the cloud and receive notifications to keep you up to date with the exam schedules and classes. It has a feature to make color code for your classes and have a clean interface which makes the calendar easy to read.

3. Bibliography helper apps

It is very hard to manage the written word in a proper way and in a proper format. Bibliography creation is a painful job while writing a research paper, a thesis or an investigative book. That is when EasyBib comes in and provides badly needed relief service. EasyBib is the one of the best educational application for the students. EasyBib is the one of the best application for bibliography. Learn What can you do with Easy.Bib?

4. Wake Up apps

You are a student. so, you need a proper sleeping time for your good health and creative mind. I knew well that we set up alarm and we used to wake up more than 20 mins late for the lecture. Then, Alarmy: Sleep If You Can is the best application for you to wake up in time. You can set up alarm with the task that will drive all sleep away from you on those lazy mornings.  You set it up by registering a photo of an area or room in your house. Then once the alarm is set, the only way to make it stop ringing is to get out of bed and go take a photo of the registered area. You can also set the math problem to stop the alarm.

5. Pocket:  Save and Study Anything

The pocket is one of the best learning apps for the students. With this application, you can easily save the articles from the web page and you can study or learn it at your smartphone, tabs etc. You can also save from the computer and you can read the text and also listen to the audio files. so, It is also the best Educational apps for students. You can get more about Pocket: Save and study anything. You can download from here.

6. Healthy Eating apps

If you want to eat healthy food within your student budget. Then, you must download the best healthy eating application. There are many online healthy eating apps but my personal favorite is Rockin Ramen (iso). This is the recipe application for the starving students. These best educational apps allow you to add variety to you low budget diet and love every diet.

 7. Quizlet

You can learn and teach any subject anywhere in any of the 6 different styles with Quizlet.It is suitable for all kinds of learners and teachers.You can use it for both teaching and learning, using simple tools. Click here to learn more about Quizlet. 

You can also learn other helpful educational apps for students.

  • Oxford English Dictionary: To look up the word on the go.
  • Dropbox for mobile: You can access and edit documents like the photo, and play your video at any time.
  • Skout: An application which helps to meet new people nearby you or in your locality.
  • Socrative: An application for quiz and assessment.


Just doing a hard labor is not the way to get success in life. You must also be smart to catch your destination. As being a student, in this IT world, you must have proper use of different best educational apps which are available free at play store or apple store. Above are the different learning application for students which helps you in every stpes of your studey. So, download best educational apps right now and get advantages of it.

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