Top 27 Free Educational Apps You Must Have

Educational apps are on the increase, making it easier, faster and more interesting for students in their struggle for education in a world which is changing real fast. Here is a list of such applications; and we will keep updating the list from time to time for the benefit of students and app developers.

Anyone interested in helping students can send us suggestions for improving the post and can also give us information about apps not included so far so that we can do proper justice to them as soon as possible. Thank you in advance and let’s hope for a better world.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information contained in this post is 100% correct. Readers are advised not to depend solely on it but to make use of various other sources.

(If you know Nepalese and want to learn English using Quizlet visit: Ares Thapa’s Class )

Essential Free Educational Apps:

  1. Quizlet for Study
  2. Pocket to Save and Study Later
  3. Alarmy ( Sleep If U Can)
  4. EasyBib for Bibliography
  5. LecutreNotes for Presentation and Note Taking
  6. for Learning Languages
  7. Speech To Text for Writing Hands-Free
  8. Udemy : Courses and Tutorials
  9. iChill for Stress and Trauma Management
  10. WPS Office for Viewing, Editing and Creating Office Files
  11. Medscape for Clinical Information for Medical Students
  12. Google Docs for Students
  13. for Students
  14. Scientific Calculator RealCalc for Math Students
  15. Wikipedia as a Source of Reference
  16. SwiftKey Keyboard for Fast Typing
  17. NASA App for Android Mobile Devices
  18. WiFi File Transfer for Wireless File Transfer
  19. Google Translate for Communication
  20. Semper: Learn Effortlessly
  21. Call Writer for Note Taking
  22. MeliMelo for Vocabulary Building
  23. Mobile Doc Scanner 3 Lite for PDFs
  24. Khan Academy: A Student Resource Center
  25. Elevate: Brain Training for Students
  26. Memrise App for Memorization
  27. TED Conferences for Education

Free Educational Apps for Students & Teachers

1. Quizlet

This is one of my favorite educational apps and I use it myself for teaching as well as learning. I have a classroom in Quizlet for teaching Nepali and English. You can not only see to learn what means what in another language but also can hear the utterances.

One can use Quizlet not only to teach and learn just languages but also to study and practice many other subjects. A student looking for studying his/her subject can find many lessons on that subject and also many teachers of that subject from all over the world.

There are millions of students and thousands of teachers on Quizlet. Check

Teachers can create sets for their students for practice and students can also do the same to suit them for their practice. These sets become available for everyone.

Millions of students are using them today. There are several ways for practice. If you have Quizlet in your smartphone, you can study on the go. You can also play games on Quizlet and learn at the same time.

You can create your own flashcards to suit your unique need. If not, you can search and find many such sets created by other teachers and students. The tools for creating lessons are very simple. Perhaps, Quizlet is the best app for teaching and learning languages.

If you are actually a serious student, you should have this app on your smartphone.

Quizlet version 1.5.5 is 6.27 MB and is available for free download from Google’s Play store.

Click the link and learn more, about how to use Quizlet. Also, visit

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2. Pocket

Students use the internet to look for images, articles, videos etc for their study. They may not have all the time to read and watch videos while surfing. It is then that the educational apps come handy, and Pocket is the right app for this.

Whatever useful articles, videos and web content you find for your study on the internet, you can save them into your Pocket for studying later when you are free to do so.

You can open the app and read your articles even offline. The best thing about Pocket is that your saved articles, videos, and web content become available in all your devices. This feature makes it handy to teach others as well. While surfing when you come across suitable and useful material for your students, you can save them into your devices using a single common account for all. You can also email them or share in other ways.

Pocket version 6.0.4 has a size of 11.11 MB and it is available for free download from Google’s Play store.

Click the link and learn more about how to use Pocket.

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3. Alarmy 

This is not particularly one of those educational apps but it is necessary for those students who find it difficult to get up in the morning for study. Unlike many other alarm apps, it is a funny app in that it is a most annoying app. It even challenges a student to continue to sleep if he/she can.

You can stop the alarm sound easily in other apps and may go back to sleep again but not with Alarmy. Alarmy requires you to leave the bed and take a picture of a particular place or thing set already for that purpose. If you take the correct picture using the phone camera, then and only then, the alarm stops or else it goes on ringing. Isn’t that annoying?

Once the alarm stops, the app gives news, weather forecasts etc and consequently, one cannot go back to, sleep again.

Instead of setting the app for taking photographs to stop the alarm, one can also set it for shaking to do the same thing. They can set the number of shakes required to stop the alarm.

Parents can install this on their phones and leave it beside the sleeping children to wake them up. When it rings and the child cannot stop it, it will have to go to its parents to ask what to do. That solves the problem of sleepyheads.

Alarmy version 10.2 is 8.24 MB and is available for free download from Google’s Play store.

Click the link to learn more about how to use Alarmy (Sleep if U Can).

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4. EasyBib

One of the most useful educational apps for research students is EasyBib. It is for producing a bibliography easily for a research paper, a dissertation or a book.

You can scan barcodes of books; search books, journals, newspapers, and websites to create citations quite easily for your research works in seconds.

After you have collected citations in the app, you can send them to your inbox by sharing them to email.

It allows you to choose from Chicago, MLA and APA formats for bibliography.

EasyBib version 5.0.8 has a size of about 3.93 MB and it can be downloaded for free from Google’s Play store.

Click the link to learn more about how to use this EasyBib.

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5. LecturNotes

Among the many educational apps available today, LectureNotes is one which can be used by lecturers, students and also others in general.

Teachers can use this app for presentations with a projector while teaching in a classroom.

Students can use it for note taking with a stylus pen by handwriting or they may use the phone keyboard too.

And general public can use it for making lists, drawings, and sketches. It is for all.

The Trial Version, Version 2.6.8, has only 2 notebooks and each notebook can have only 8 pages.

You can download the app from Google’s Play Store. The app size, is 5.65 MB for the Trial version.

Do not download the paid version of the app before you have tried the trial version first because of compatibility problem with different devices.

Click the link and learn more about how to use LectureNotes.

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One Of the 2 educational apps we have chosen here for language learning, one is Quizlet and the other is which is solely for the purpose of language learning whereas Quizlet is for learning languages as well as all other subjects.

Students opting for study in foreign universities may have to learn foreign languages and one may not find a language school that teaches the preferred language in their area. And the availability of time may become another problem. In such a situation, is the right choice. It becomes their personal ‘tutor’.

With one can choose to learn English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and much more. Teachers and other professionals willing to go and work abroad may also find this app handy.

The app uses local newspaper articles to help learn new vocabulary and language.

It makes language learning textbooks and language classrooms obsolete. has a smart dictionary that collects words of the language you are learning to practice and increases your vocabulary. You can use the collected vocabulary while reading the suggested articles.

You can create flashcards by using audio and images for practice and also play fun games as you learn in your own time that suits you. version 1 is 15.44 MB. You can download it for free from Google’s Play store.

Click the link to learn more about how to use

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7. Speech To Text Notepad

Speech To Text Notepad is one of the educational apps we have here for students who do not want to write with hands.

You can dictate notes into the app and edit them later using voice commands. It is an app which can really help handicapped persons with no hands to write and to have an education. Thanks to technology which is bent on making our lives easier and making it more possible to do things that were impossible a few years ago. Had this app been available to Christy Brown, the title of his famous book would not have been ‘ My Left Foot?

Speech To Text Notepad is for creating notes hands-free using voice commands. For example. you can say  ‘ next’ to move to the next line, ‘delete’ to delete a word, ‘delete 5’ to delete 5 words and so on.

It is a great app for creating lists, notes, and dictations.

You can also share your notes to Gmail, Twitter, Google Hangout, Skype, SMS, Viber, Whatsapp etc easily.

Speech recognition is available for over 70 languages for this app and one can dictate as much as one likes with no file size limitation. You can write your poems, essays, stories, medical documents and many others just by dictating and editing using only voice commands.

Speech To Text Notepad version 5.0.8 is only 1.53 MB in size with in-app purchases. You can download it from Google’s Play store.

Click the link to learn more about how to use Speech To Text Notepad and its voice commands.

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8. Udemy: Courses and Tutorials

Udemy: Courses and Tutorials for smartphones, tabs, and phabs is one of the educational apps which can be truly called a very good resources app for students.

According to Udemy team, this app offers about 20,000+ courses, trainings and tutorials under different categories and there are 4,000,000 people who have already downloaded the app for their use. Udemy claims that there is not a subject that Udemy does not have a course or training or a tutorial for teaching it.

It has more than a dozen categories such as Development, Business, IT & Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Design, Marketing, Lifestyle, Photography, Health & Fitness, Teacher Training, Music, Academics, Language, Test Prep etc with their innumerable sub-categories.

Anyone who wishes to know or learn more about their college subjects can use Udemy as a resource center. The subjects come for a price, though.

Apart from college courses, Udemy also caters for people who want to get promotions, learn new skills for a different profession, start a company or continue education. There is a course or a tutorial or training for everyone.

There are video lectures, audio lectures, articles, presentations in the online courses offered. But you can also save them and study later wherever and whenever you get an opportunity.

This 18.44 MB android app with in-app purchases can be downloaded from Play Store for free.

Click the link and learn more about how to use Udemy.

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9. iChill

Educational apps are supposed to be strictly for learning or teaching and here is iChill which probably does not conform to that criterion. It is more related to optimizing the state of mind of the student for study. So we thought it might be appropriate and even important to include this app here.

iChill is an app from Trauma Resource Institute for the management of stress and trauma. Students are often the victims of stress and even trauma because of the pressure on them to study for their assignments, term papers, exam results, financial problems etc. In such situations and mental states, the study is badly affected. That is when iChill comes handy.

iChill helps students to bring their minds into their resilient zone from its high zone or low zone due to stress and trauma.

It teaches skills to fix their resiliency by practicing them. The instructions are simple and can be either read or heard. There are skills like tracking, resourcing, grounding, Shift and Stay, Gesturing, Help Now etc to bring your disturbed mind into its resilient zone.

There is no doubt about its usefulness, and students should find iChill handy to help them study better like other educational apps.

Click the link to learn more about how to use iChill.

Watch a tutorial video of iChill.

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  1. WPS Office

Educational apps must include an office app in order to view, edit, create office documents and pdf files. There are many office programs but we have chosen WPS Office for students because it is free and can handle most student needs.

You can create Word files, Memos, PowerPoint documents and Excel files using WPS Office. The app is capable of producing documents that are compatible with Microsoft Office.

It can open nearly all file formats like DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, PDF and more. It can also access documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and WebDAV.

You can share your documents using WiFi or DLNA. It can save documents to the cloud. It is compatible with USB and Bluetooth keyboards for fast typing and editing. The app supports 50 languages, and more can be added.

No doubt it is one of the useful educational apps for office.

Click the link to learn more about how to use WPS Office.

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11. Medscape 

Medscape is one of the medical educational apps with a very high rating of 4.5 out of 5. It can be used in a phone or a tab.

This app is useful for doctors, medical students, nurses, health assistants, and pharmacists.

It provides clinical information such as medical news, drug information, and tools, disease and condition, medical calculators, drug formulary information, continuing medical education courses etc.

Offline access to drug, condition, procedure reference and drug interaction checker can be available by downloading clinical reference database.

For more information visit

Medscape version 3.3.1 has a size of 4.80 MB and it can be downloaded from Google Playstore for free.

Click the link to learn more about how to use Medscape.

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12. Google Docs 

Google Docs aka Docs is one of the important educational apps for students and also for anyone to use it on a mobile device like a phone or a tablet.

You can use Google Docs to view, create, edit, copy, paste, share and format a document. You can add other people to work jointly on a document. You can do all these things not only with Google Word Files but also with Microsoft Word Files.

You can write on the go with or without internet service. The app automatically saves your files to the web. So, you can keep working on any computer or device.

Files can be opened from both Google Drive and Device Storage.

Documents can be printed and also saved as Word Files as well as PDFs.

Docs app version 1.4.332.17.35 can take up 67.79 MB space of your device storage. It can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play store.

Click the link to learn more about how to use Google Docs.

If you there are any other educational apps in your knowledge, please let us know so that we can write about them.

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Can a list of educational apps be complete without a dictionary app? … So, we chose one of the highest rated dictionary app namely for our student readers of this site. is an app which is available for use both online and offline. It has many useful in-app purchases such as Encyclopedia, Slang Dictionary, Idioms and Phrases, Example Sentences, Medical Dictionary, Science Dictionary and Rhyming Dictionary. version 5.2.1 with only, 6.82 MB size is a free app at Google Play store. The Premium version comes with all the above in-app purchase items paid for and also ads-free.

With the free version, you can have items like Word of the Day, Audio Pronunciation, Voice Search, Translator for over 30 languages, Blog, Slideshows, Quiz widget, Word origin, Favorite words and search history, Spelling suggestions, Local lookups, Advanced learner’s dictionary for ESL, EFL etc.

For more information, visit the website of

Also, click the link to learn more about how to use this app.

If you know about any other educational apps,  please suggest us so that we can post them in this site for students.

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14. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

A Scientific Calculator is also an important part of educational materials by necessity. It is more so for the students of Mathematics. RealCalc is one of such educational apps that can be installed in a mobile device to be used as a scientific calculator.

Students can use RealCalc to help them in their study anywhere because it is in their phones or tabs that can be carried anywhere in the pockets.

RealCalc has all the standard scientific functions along with history, memories, unit conversions and constants. Unlike in real calculators, you can change display styles and formats in RealCalc.

It supports binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations; and has an optional RPN mode. For a full list of features, see the following screenshot.

RealCalc version 2.2.0 comes with the size of only 506 KB and it is the free version which you can download from Google Playstore. RealCalc Plus is its paid version which can be bought after trying the free version.

Click the link to learn more about how to use RealCalc.

 If you know about any other educational apps that may be better than or similar to RealCalc,  please suggest us so that we can post them in this site for students.

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15. Wikipedia

Wikipedia has become one of the most popular resource centers for the modern student. It has 32 million articles in 280 languages.

Not even a US President could dream of this human achievement in educational apps a few decades ago; yet it is available to a youth living in some remote African villages today. Technology is a gift.

Wikipedia as an educational app in a mobile device offers you a lot. You can have tabbed browsing, lead image display, image gallery, descriptions of search items, article suggestions, Saved pages for offline reading, Nearby place info, language support, table of contents, Wikipedia Zero etc. See below for the features.

Wikipedia Version 2.0.108 is only 3.53 MB in size and this android app is available for free download from Google Playstore.

Click the link and learn more about how to use Wikipedia.

Are you using some other encyclopedia app as one of your educational apps? Please let us know.

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16. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey keyboard is a third-party android keyboard for mobile devices like phones and tablets. It is an award-winning keyboard app. It is one of the most used educational apps.

You can type much faster with this keyboard because of its capacity for fast and accurate prediction. It can learn to predict the best next word from the words you use for typing. It has also smart auto-correction ability.

You can use over 800 emoticons; and SwiftKey can predict even emoticons according to the types of words you type.

Fast typing makes this keyboard the best of its type for fast SMS, chat, texting and email. It can also work default across all your apps. You can choose from over 60 languages and type in using 3 languages at a time. You can choose your keyboard layout according to your screen size and device; and there are over 30 colorful themes to choose from too.

Using cloud service, you can have your writing style and settings on all your devices. It can learn from your Gmail. Facebook, Twitter and others.

SwiftKey Flow allows you to just swipe your finger across the screen to type faster.

Version has a size of 32.57 MB. This is a premium app available for free download from Google Playstore. All educational apps like SwiftKey keyboard should be free and developers of educational apps should be given grant funds by foundations.

Click to learn more about how to use SwiftKey Keyboard.

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17.  NASA App

NASA App is for the students of astrophysics. The heavenly bodies have always made humans curious so much so that people of some cultures worship them as gods. The images of distant stars and planets inspire awe in our minds.

NASA App is not just to inspire awe in us but also to educate us about astronomy and space-related missions, programs, activities etc. That is why it is one of the great educational apps for science sstudents.

You can see over 14,000 highly rated rare images, watch rare videos, read latest news articles as well as feature stories and have updated information about NASA’s activities, programs and missions.

It is the free official NASA App for Android; but the knowledge or information you gain from it is immense. Another app similar to this one is Star Chart which is also not less interesting. But Star Chart is expensive due to its in-app purchases. Probably, I will write a blog about it as well later.

NASA App version 1.64 is 8.71 MB and can be downloaded from Google Playstore.

 Click to learn more about how to use the NASA App.

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18. WiFi File Transfer

Do file transfer apps as well belong to educational apps? You might frown at this idea but files from a mobile need to be transferred to a PC for easier and faster editing and typing with a physical keyboard and a mouse.

WiFi File Transfer is an android app that helps transfer files wireless from your mobile device to your PC and vice versa.

With this app you can upload and download multiple files. You can upload folders too using Google Chrome browser.

You can delete, rename, copy, zip and unzip files.

You can view photos directly in your browser.

You can have access to external SD cards and USB storage devices.

Your mobile device and PC must be connected to the same WiFi service. If you are using a public WiFi network, you have to set an access password in the app settings.

WiFi File Transfer version 1.0.9 is only 725 KB in size and you can download this free version from Google Playstore. The free version does everything except that it can transfer files which are only 5 MB or less.

Click the link to learn more about how to use WiFi File Transfer.

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19. Google Translate

Google Translate is an android app available for smartphones, tablets and such mobile devices. We consider it to be one of educational apps because it can be used in language learning.

You can speak, scan, type or draw to translate into 90 languages available in the app. The list of names of available languages is given below:

You can type words and translate them into 90 languages.

You can take pictures of text with your phone camera and translate them into 26 languages.

There are 40 languages in the app for two-way translation.

You can draw with a finger or stylus pen  instead of typing with a keyboard and translate.

You can download language packs you need for offline translation.

You can mark translations starred and save them for future use.

Google Translate version 4.3.0.RC04.102001856 is a free android app available from Google Playstore. Its size is 18.41 MB. It is an offer from Google Inc.

Click to learn more about how to use Google Translate.

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20. Semper

Semper is an android educational app for smartphones, tablets and such mobile devices to learn anything effortlessly.

You can download a language pack from the 51 foreign languages available at the time of writing this post.

You can practice math exercises, knowledge packs of many different subjects, trivia and also can create your own packs as in Quizlet we have already covered.

You can prepare for tests like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT etc.

You can learn at your own pace.

You can track your progress and learning habits.

Everything happens spontaneously because when you open an app or activate your phone, a puzzle or a learning item appears. You can skip it if you are in a hurry, though.

It is one of the best educational apps we have covered so far.

Semper version 4.4.533 is of 10.79 MB and is available for free download from Google Playstore.

Click the link to learn more about how to use Semper.

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21. Call Writer

Is Call Writer one of the educational apps? It depends. If you can make use of it as one, it may turn out to be an educational app too. It is an android app for smartphones, tablets and such mobile devices for note taking.

You can call someone for information such as a professor’s phone number, the URL of an educational website, names of authors, books, universities etc; and you can note them down on the phone screen while listening hands free.

You can edit notes freely during the call itself.

After the notes have been saved automatically, you can share them with others or you may use them for yourself.

Call Writer version 1.0 is merely 1.18 MB in size. It is a free app downloadable from Google Playstore.

Click to learn more about how to use Call Writer.

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22. MeliMelo

Educational apps can be fun when game are included in them. Melimelo is such an app which teaches vocabulary through games. You can install this app in your mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc not only to enjoy playing games but also to increase your vocabulary. That’s why it is among the educational apps here.

This is an app for word lovers.

There are 4000+ words belonging to about 122 categories like sports, family, fruits, flowers, virtues, computers, President’s Day, restaurants, food and eating, Mother’s Day, herbs and spices, house, New Year, office, yard and backyard, camping, Medieval times, public places, behaviors, languages, leaders, carnival day, US states, car parts, colors, reptiles, ocean, Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day, prepositions, sciences, cloths, dogs, Halloween, Groundhog Day, Columbus Day,  verbs, vegetables, birds, Christmas, cars, Valentines’ Day, pirates, adjectives, rocks and minerals, birthday, feelings, bathroom, grammar, countries, shapes, winter, negative words, people, musical instruments, music theory, household devices, regular verbs, metals and alloys, energy, fishes, farm, insect and bugs, human body, How to say said, firefighting, How to say big, tools, cooking tools, cooking terms, water, summer, numbers, visual arts, weather, food chain, beach, tools, transportation, rooms, weapons, base ball, compound words, vacation, mammals, furniture, US Constitution, geography, Biomes, elections, astronomy, time, school, kitchen, pronouns, bodies of water, dance, housing, money, doctor, military, road,   adverbs, land forms, roadways, religion, positive words, containers, public buildings, conjunctions, legal terms, plants, trees, measures, postal etc are available.

Isn’t that awesome?

The words appear on the screen all jumbled up and you have to find out the words for points.

The game is hard. But you can use hints for a payment with points you have already won.

Consider the different words from British, American and also adopted from foreign languages into English. It is full of challenge and that is the fun part of the app.

MeliMelo version 1.7.0 has a size of 16.67 MB and it is available for android machines from Google Playstore. It is a paid app. You may get it free from AppGratis.

Click the link to learn more about how to use MeliMelo as one of our educational apps.

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23. Mobile Doc Scanner 

Educational apps not only include apps that are about skills and subjects of study but also those apps that help in education in other ways. Mobile Doc Scanner 3 Lite is one of such educational apps for students. It is an android app for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

You can scan any types of documents like receipts, class notes, newspaper articles, posters, images, whiteboard writings etc as PDFs with this app, anywhere and anytime.

In batch mode, you can scan a large number of documents straight away and turn them into PDFs later in your own time.

You can improve the image quality.

The app can detect the border automatically for you.

You can easily export and share your PDFs using Mobile Doc Scanner.

You can upload your PDFs to cloud storage services such as Dropbox,, Google Docs etc.

Mobile Doc Scanner 3 Lite version 3.1.5 has a size of 25.21 MB and you can download it like most other educational apps here from Google Playstore.

Click to learn more about how to use Mobile Doc Scanner.

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24. Khan Academy

Educational apps serving as resource for students of all disciplines are a vast enterprise. Khan Academy is such an app which offers its service for free. Salman Khan, a Bengali educator with 3 MIT degrees, is founder of Khan Academy and Khan Academy app.

The app is very simple to use. It has over 10,000 educational video. You can learn by watching videos on subjects such as Math, Science, Economics, Arts, Computing etc.

You can learn online but you can also download the lessons for offline learning as well.

There are test preparation lessons for SAT, GMAT, MCAT etc and you can have help about college admissions too.

 You can also watch videos on talks and interviews on education.

Khan Academy version 1.0.1 has a size of 21.55 MB and can be downloaded free of cost from Google Playstore.

Do you know of any other educational apps similar to this one or even better? Please let me know.

Click to learn about how to use Khan Academy.

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25. Elevate

Elevate is one of the educational apps that emphasizes on increasing brain capacity for better performance in studies. It is based on cutting edge neuroscience research. You can improve your focus, processing speed, memory, speaking skill, mathematical skill and other cognitive skills. The user is provided with personalized training program which enhances their capability,

Among the main features, there are 30+ games for critical cognitive skills, tracking of personal performance, choice of skills, daily workouts, progressively challenging presentation, workout calendar etc.

The games have been designed by experts in neuroscience and cognitive science.

Elevate version 2.6.1 is of 35.36 MB. The app has 1 million downloads and it has been rated 4.5 by 164,432 users. Download it from Google Playstore for free.

If you know of any educational apps not included here, please let us know.

Click to learn more about how to use Elevate.

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26. Memrise

Educational apps are revolutionizing education and Memrise is such an application. This application claims to boost your brain function to enable you to learn 44 words in an hour. It uses multiple game models to enhance the learning power of the brain. Visual learning, review/strengthen, rapid recall and other modes of drills are used for this job.

It has thousands of courses in hundreds of languages. The good thing about this app is that all the offers are totally free. The progress in learning is tracked by adaptive engine and this helps the learners to review in time. There are example sentences, audio, video etc available to help the learners.

Memrise is one of our chosen educational apps with 1 million downloads and it has been rated 4.6 by 107,718 users. Memrise version 2.7_3769 is of 15.76 MB and you can download it from Google Playstore.

Click to learn more about how to use Memrise.

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27. TED

There are educational apps like TED which people would not have thought of as educational apps if they had appeared a few decades ago. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. So, TED talk videos are about these and there are thousands of videos available by experts.

You can view the entire library of TED talk videos with subtitles available for over 90 languages. Not every video is available with subtitles in all languages,though. But translation work is going on and most probably, all will get subtitles in all languages in future.

You can play the video talks to watch online or download them and watch offline. You can sort videos according to your preferences.

TED app has 10 million downloads and it has been rated 4.5 by 119,803 users so far. TED version 2.4.2 is of 8.41 MB and you can download it from Google Playstore.

Click to learn more about how to use TED.

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