Undo Accidental Send Email On Gmail

Undo Accidental Send Email On Gmail

Do you know it will be great if you can undo accidental Send email on Gmail that you didn’t mean to ? We’re pretty sure this tutorial is for you.

We all know that email is the process of sending and receiving message electronically. Gmail is the best email provider for us. It is not only used for sending and receiving email. It has many features which help us to like Gmail account. The features are added to its setting. Among them at the Lab section the best feature is to Undo Send which is one of the leaser known feature that you will love it forever.

Once you enable Undo Send option you can have an option to cancel send email for about 30 seconds after you have send your mail. This delay in sending email on Gmail Account helps you to save from big “OOPS” moment and gives you a chance to change your mail from spelling mistakes, false recipients and may be forgotten attachments.

The trick to undo accidental send email on Gmail.

Step 1.

Log in into the Gmail Account.

Step 2.

Click on the gear at the top right of the page and select Settings.

Step 3

Click on the “ Labs”  and search for the labs feature titled ” Undo Send“. Now, enable it and Click on Save Changes.

Undo Accidental Send Email On Gmail

Step 4

Now, again at the same settings click on the “General”  and scroll down to the ” Undo Send” section. Enable there too.

Finally you did it. Now, you can easily undo accidental send email on Gmail. Every time you send the a yellow bar will be pop up and give you a chance to undo your sent Gmail email.

Undo Accidental Send Email On GmailOnce you clicked on the Undo option you will be back to your email composition page.

I hop now you are safe on Gmail account. Is this article useful for you? If so then don’t forget to comment at our comment box and please hit the share button.

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