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As we all know that, this is the IT word. By the development of many technical fields, Our life is being so easy to live and fun. There are many useful android and ios application which are the very important application in our daily life. Among them, voice recognition software as well as known as the voice to text apps is the most powerful apps. Many people are in search of speech to text apps. Now, today i am going to talk about the one of the best voice recognition software.

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Speech to Text Notepad version 5.0.8 is a useful voice recognition software or application for users of android smartphones, tablets, and phablets. This software helps to transcribe speech to text or voice to text.

What can you do with Android App Speech to Text Notepad?

Students can use it to dictate notes, to edit using voice commands and to share.
It is possible to create folders and subfolders in order to organize the notes neatly.

Where to get it?

Version 5.0.8 of Speech To Text Notepad has a size of only 1.56 MB and it can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

How to set it?

Open the app and go to its home page.

speech to text homepage

Tap the setting icon at the top right corner of the home page (see picture above) and go to the Setting page shown below.

speech to text

Tap the first item Select speech recognition language and you will get to the following page with a long list of languages. Tap the radio button next to the language of your choice.

speech to text_3

Come back to the Setting page and tap Select Text to Speech Language in order to choose your text to speech language from the following page that appears.

Also, tap on Select Speech Pitch and Select Speech Speed and choose by tapping the radio buttons

speech to text_4

You can also choose the size of fonts by tapping Font size in the Setting page.

speech to text

With this, you are ready to create your notes using Speech to text Notepad.

How to Create Notes?
Tap the right blue button with the + sign in the home page. The following Speech To Text screen will appear asking you to start dictating immediately.

speech to text_6

To stop, tap the red microphone icon. It will change from red to blue and beeps will stop immediately.

To restart, tap the blue microphone button and speak.

By tapping the first (the shorter) of the tick marks, you can have the following pop up.

speech to text_7

Here, tap the Redo button to go to the home screen to re-record or tap Read note using Text to speech button to see what has been recorded.
Tapping the icon (SD card) immediately right to the microphone icon, you can save your recording then and there.
By tapping the 2nd (the longer) of the tick marks, you go back to your home screen where you can see your notes

If you long press on your note or just tap on the 3 vertical dots on the right side, the dialogue such as below appears.

speech to text_8

Here, you have the options to share, rename, move to and delete your note.

How to Edit Notes?

After your dictation has been completed, you can edit notes using the following voice commands.

speech to text_9

You can also use the keyboard instead of voice commands for editing.

If you find other similar to and/or better than this app, do let us know so that we can post them for students all over the world.


I think now you know about the best voice recognition software above. This voice to text translation software is reliable, easy to use. So you can get more advantages for these types of voice dictation software or apps. If you find this article about voice recognition software then, please don’t forget to share and comment at our comment box.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

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