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What is White Card in Australia?

Are you planning to work in a construction industry then you should have the white card to work? Now, let’s talk about the White Card and why do you need.

A white card is a card that is the proof that you had completed the General construction Induction course. This white card is Australia is also know as an Occupation Health and Safety Certificate. People who aim to work in the construction job site industry in Australia as project manager, supervisor, worker etc, all need to complete the white card course as online or as face to face course before starting the work.

How long does it take to complete the white card in Australia?

If you are ready to get the white card in Australia then the length of white card course depends on how and where you take your course. You can complete your white card course as face to face learning or as white card online course. There are many best website for white card training, you can easily find in google search. The Face to Face training takes about 6 hours to complete the course. However, all the people don’t have time to go to class for study or some feel lazy to attend class for the study. So you can have white card online course. The online course may take 2-4 hours to complete according to the people.

How old must I be to complete the White Card Course?

If you are above 14 years of old you can easily take training of construction white card course. The provider can easily identify the age of the students for the white card in Australia course by the following documents, driving license, birth certificate or citizen certificate.

How do I get my White card in NT? 

The Northen territory is one of the best places for the construction industry career in Australia. There are many ways to complete white card course in NT. You can easily have an online course for white card or Face to face course.

Today, I am going to talk about my personal experience to complete my white card course in NT. I had completed my course at Charles Darwin University.

First, you have to contact to the Pink 9 building for the details of white card course. At the reception, you can get the full details of white card and instruction to get the white card.

Then, you can have 6 hours of face to face training or study in CDU. Then, after you complete you study successfully then you get the completion training certificate of white card.

Now, after that, you have to go to the territory business Center. Territory Bussiness center is located at Building 3, Darwin corporate Park, 631 Stuart Highway, Berrimah. You can contact at (08) 8982 1700. You have to fill the certain form for the white card at Territory business center. Then, you can get your white card from there and now you are ready to have a career in your construction industry.

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